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Carmenta Tutor rates range from $98/hr. to $220/hr. If you are interested in hiring one of our tutors or in finding out about our accredited 4-year Latin high school curriculum (which can be taken through any of our Latin tutors), please Email or call us at (212) 203-8734.

carmenta latin tutor maria-luisa s

Maria Luisa S., Ph.D.
University of Calabria

Latin Language and Literature Tutor

She is a friendly yet exacting teacher who demands quality work from her students. She is as good a teacher as any other we have. Read more

carmenta latin tutor gerard p

Gerard P., Ph.D.

Classics and Latin Tutor of 27 Years

He puts maximum effort into his tutoring, doing a great job making sure students understand tha material. He also enjoys interesting digressions into Roman history and culture. Read more

carmenta latin tutor patricia s

Patricia S., Ph.D.
UC Berkeley

Latin Tutor Specializing in Ancient Philosophy

She is steady, friendly, and calm, and also a very solid tutor who makes certain her students come away with a detailed and thorough knowledge of the subject. Read more

carmenta latin tutor daniel d

Daniel D., Ph.D. (candidate)
Johns Hopkins

Makes Latin Tutoring Fun

He is an affable tutor with a real talent for presenting the coursework in a structured, understandable way. He is highly fluent in Latin and the classics. Read more

carmenta latin tutor john p

John P., B.A.
Oxford/U. College London

37-Year Latin and Philology Tutor

An extremely effective Latin tutor with extensive experience teaching students of all ages. Students enjoy his broad knowledge of language. Read more

carmenta latin tutor molly a

Molly A., Ph.D.

Latin and Mediterranean Art Tutor

She is a very effective and personable tutor whose love of Latin language and the Roman culture comes through to her students. Read more

carmenta latin tutor derick a

Derick A., Ph.D. candidate (ABD)
UNC, Chapel Hill

Yale and UNC Latin Tutor

A very solid and enthusiastic tutor. His strength is in teaching adults and teenagers who are serious about their studies. Read more

carmenta latin tutor roxanne g

Roxanne G., Ph.D.
Boston University

Latin & AP Latin Tutor

A great tutor who has studied and taught classics at a number of North America's great universities, including Toronto U., Boston U., and Harvard. Read more

carmenta latin tutor brian g

Brian G., B.A.

Conversational Latin Tutor

One of our Latin tutors who specializes in conversational Latin. He's a dedicated and organized tutor who is great at guiding students to success in the language. Read more

carmenta latin tutor aleah h

Aleah H., Ph.D. candidate (ABD)
UC Irvine

Makes Learning Latin Fun

An extremely talented Latin tutor who is very good at evaluating students and giving them the specific help they need. She is calm and steady, and always friendly. Read more

carmenta latin tutor emily l

Emily L., M.A.T.
Boston University

Expert in the AP Latin Exam

She has worked as a high school Latin teacher for many years and has considerable experience preparing students for the AP Latin Exam. Read more

carmenta latin tutor teresa s

Teresa S., Ph.D.
UC Irvine

Organized Latin Tutor with Great Student Rapport

She's excellent at communicating concepts to students and drilling them effectively on the various Latin forms and rules of grammar. Read more

carmenta latin tutor stefania b

Stefania B., M.S.
U. of Macedonia

Enthusiastic Tutor of Latin and the Classics

A tutor who goes out of her way to build positive relationships with her students. Many former students continue to keep in contact with her, seeking her guidance and friendship. Read more

carmenta latin tutor kathleen b

Kathleen B., M.A.
U. of Hawaii

Latin Tutor Great with Young Kids

She has taught quite a few of our youngest Latin students, instilling in them a real love of the language. Read more

carmenta latin tutor alex d

Alex D., M.Ed.
Ohio State U.

Great Tutor for Students of All Ages

He has experience with students of all ages, bringing enthusiasm to every lesson he teaches. He enjoys getting to know his students and identifying their educational needs and goals. Read more

carmenta latin tutor lewis e

Lewis E., B.A.

A Personable Young Latin Tutor

An expert in Latin, he has also studied a variety of other ancxient and modern languages and loves to bring this breadth of language learning to his students. Read more

carmenta latin tutor lydia f

Lydia F., M.A.
U. of Virginia

AP Latin Exam Tutor

She has taught students at the high school level for many years and even co-written a textbook on the AP Latin Exam. Read more

carmenta latin tutor audra f

Audra F., B.A.
Gettysburg College

A Latin Tutor with Panache

An enthusiastic and effective tutor who has a great instinct for teaching and communicating the essentials of the Latin language to students. Read more

carmenta latin tutor rebecca g

Rebecca G., M.A.T.
U. Mass., Amherst

Highly Competent Latin Tutor

A very exacting tutor who makes sure her students know the material well. She can teach anyone effectively, no matter how difficult the student or class. Read more

carmenta latin tutor patrick h

Patrick H., B.A.
U. of Pennsylvania

Fluent Speaker of Latin

A fluent Latin speaker with a friendly and engaging personality. His specialty is Latin conversation with advanced students. Read more

carmenta latin tutor sonya m

Sonya M., B.A.
UC Berkeley

Latin Tutor with a Passion for Archaeology

She is honest and open about what a student needs to improve upon in order to understand the material or work through behavioral issues. Read more

carmenta latin tutor deborah n

Deborah N., Ph.D. candidate (ABD)

Latin and Modern Languages Tutor

She enjoys working with learners of all ages and takes pleasure in showing them that they can experience the personal satisfaction of mastering a language. Read more

carmenta latin tutor natasha r

Natasha R., M.A.
Indiana University

Latin and Modern Languages Tutor

She strives to create the best possible learning environment for all students, knowing that it is never a matter of content but a matter of approach. Read more

carmenta latin tutor derek-s

Derek S., M.A.T.
Asbury University

A Latin Tutor Who Loves to Teach

He is a truly enthusiastic and driven tutor who does everything he can to make certain that students learn the material. Read more

carmenta latin tutor bill w

Bill W., M.A.

Latin Teacher for 25 Years

He loves to see students grow in their appreciation for Latin and its value as a doorway into an ancient, important, and fascinating world. Read more

The Ideal Learning Environment for both Students and Tutors

tutor kathleen b with students

A Tutor Service with a Classics Focus

Our tutor service is notable for its unique focus on the Latin language. In fact, we have assembled a faculty of in-house Classics tutors (the majority of which have or will soon have PhDs) that is unparalleled anywhere, giving top students around the world the opportunity to study with the cream of classical academia. We welcome you to read the detailed profiles of our Latin Tutor Faculty, an élite group of professors with degrees from and teaching positions at the most prestigious universities in the US and Europe.

louisa latin student

Method for Latin Fluency

Our Method for Latin Fluency, created by our Founder based on decades of experience in Latin-language instruction, grew out of the insight that Latin is basically no different from any other language, and therefore advanced competency in Latin must come from a dual focus on grammar and conversation-based learning. In other words, to learn Latin efficiently and attain true fluency, pupils need to be taught not just to read and translate Latin but to speak it too. For this reason, we have gone out of our way to hire tutors with considerable experience in conversational Latin instruction, and we encourage our tutoring clients to integrate conversation into their total Latin tutoring curriculum. This dual focus is, we believe, why overall our pupils grow into exceptionally accomplished Latinists, scoring extremely well on the National Latin Exam and (even more impressively) achieve real fluency in the Latin language in only 4-6 years!

latin student in class

Latin Language Teacher Resources

In addition to providing students with world-class Latin tutoring, we provide free pedagogical assistance for Latin teachers at the college, high-school, and elementary-school levels in the form of visual Latin vocabulary sheets. These sheets are completely free and downloadable for use in a wide variety of applications, ranging from classroom handouts to posters, and even instructional tools for laptops and/or mobile devices to be used as a companion to teachers’ lessons. You can find them in the Latin Resources Blog section of our website.

founder teacher and student at convention

The Highest Quality in Latin Tutoring

Every single one of our tutors is an exceptional instructor, making it onto our team only after passing through our rigorous, highly-selective hiring process, which includes a challenging mock tutoring session. Only top applicants end up being hired, and though this selectivity obviously limits the total size of our Latin Tutor Faculty, we feel it's worth it since this way we are certain that every single one of our tutors measures up to the strictest standards for experience, expertise, effectiveness, and affability.

tutor amy v

Latin Standardized Tests

Our Carmenta tutors offer preparation for the three major standardized Latin tests:

  • National Latin Exam (NLE) - The best way to measure a student’s Latin skills against other students from around the world, as well as test proficiency, and even win scholarships for college. All Carmenta Latin students are required to take the NLE once a year in either February or March. The appropriate level of the test for each individual student is assessed by the administration.
  • SAT Latin Subject Test - Another great way to test a student’s own Latin skills against others’ from around the globe and measure proficiency. This test is recommended for students with 2-4 years of high school study but can be taken by students of any age. Offered in June and December of every year.
  • AP Latin Exam - This test helps to measure proficiency as well as provide a comparison of students’ skills with their American and international counterparts, and it also aids in gaining college credit. All advanced Carmenta Latin students are encouraged to take the AP Latin Exam, which is offered every June.
founder and tutors at convention

America's Top Professors Tutor for Us!

Our Tutor Faculty is a select group of élite scholars, with advanced degrees from America's most prestigious universities:

  • 42% have or will soon have PhDs
  • 21% have degrees from Ivy League institutions
  • 36% have degrees from Top-20 US universities

Our tutors have degrees from:

  • Yale
  • Princeton
  • Cornell
  • Brown
  • Columbia
  • Penn
  • Johns Hopkins
  • Berkeley
  • Villanova
  • Oxford
  • The Sorbonne
elizabeth carmenta student

Our Students Are Bound for Élite Universities

We are 100% invested in the long-term success of all of our clients, and we do everything we can to give them the tools they need to reach their goals, including multi-subject tutoring, ongoing academic advising, and college admissions counseling. We feel that this extra attention pays off down the road, leading to better learning outcomes, higher grades, and greater competitiveness in college admissions. In fact, just in 2015 our students were accepted into the following colleges and universities:

  • Cornell
  • Johns Hopkins
  • Brown
  • U. of Ottawa
  • Dominican U. College
  • Trent
  • Bard
  • Wyoming Catholic
  • UMass, Amherst
  • U. of Connecticutt
carrie carmenta student

Tutor Sign-Up

Because we are committed to the long-term success of every one of our students, we take great care to assign you the tutor right for you and create an appropriate accompanying curriculum plan. There are three stages to our tutor sign-up process:

1) Initial Contact — You first Email or Call us and discuss your tutoring needs with one of our Academic Advisors.

2) Meeting with the Founder — You next meet our Founder over the phone or Skype. He will learn about you and your needs and then advise you on the creation of appropriate curriculum and the ideal tutor assignment.

3) Group Conference / Initial Tutoring Session — Founder, tutor, pupil, and parent meet briefly over Skype. Everyone is introduced, and we make certain all parties are on the same page. Immediately following this conference, tutor and pupil have their first session. Assuming you decide that the tutor is a good fit (which is almost always the case), you and the tutor then work out a session schedule that will work for both of you.

carmenta office building

NYC Latin Tutoring Center

In summer 2016 we opened our new NYC Latin Tutoring Center and Headquarters at 276 5th Ave. in New York City. Students living in NYC now have access not only to our élite Internet Latin tutors but also to periodic in-person NYC Latin Tutors at our Manhattan Tutoring Center.

Our New York City Tutors are experts in the Latin language. Each NYC Tutor has a degree in the subject and many years experience teaching and tutoring the subject. We pride ourselves on the competence and personableness of each one of our New York City Tutors, and though we offer primarily distance tutoring, we have gone out of our way to offer in-person tutoring also at our convenient NYC location.

Contact Us for times and hourly rates for in-person walk-in tutoring at our NYC Center. Interested students are required to sign up 7 days in advance.

Customer Satisfaction: 4.93 out of 5, based on 23 reviews

"Dr. P. is incredibly patient, yet moves the class along and does not hold us back. He has been very helpful when answering questions. His work with us on English-to-Latin sentences has been incredible..."


Baxter, MN, USA

Carmenta Tutors, created in 2016, is a division of the Carmenta Latin School (founded in 2008). Since our tutoring service is clearly different in nature from our multi-student class offerings and is aimed at a different demographic, we have given it its own separate division and website. Information on our group Latin class offerings can be found on the School site.