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Carmenta School Administration

founder with a student
Our Founder with a student at the 2015 Carmenta Convention

Carmenta School Administrator Bios

Katerina Ourgiouplouoglou, Assistant Head

Katerina Ourgiouplouoglou, the Assistant Head of Carmenta Latin Tutors, is an extraordinarily capable manager, human resources expert, and graphic designer who has spearheaded the design and development of our website, organizing a team of collaborators, including video editors, web designers, and writers.

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Edward Townes, MSc, Academic Advisor

Edward Townes, MSc, Academic Advisor and Tutor for Carmenta Latin Tutors, has many years academic and real-world experience in the fields of Mathematics, Physics, Finance, and Economics. Prof. Townes has been instrumental in our push to offer world-class tutoring in the broadest range of possible subjects. Through many years of study at the world's top primary schools, secondary schools, and universities, he has developed powerful insights into how most effectively to gain acceptance into America's top colleges.

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André Bastos Gurgel, OAB, Academic Advisor

André Bastos Gurgel, OAB (Order of Attorneys of Brazil), Academic Advisor for Carmenta Latin Tutors, is a life-long student of both modern and ancient languages. Mr. Gurgel is either fluent or has a working knowledge of other a dozen languages and has worked as a tutor and teacher in a variety of languages. Mr. Gurgel has been instrumental in expanding the Carmenta's presence in a variety of social media.

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Nikos Mylonas, PhD, Director of IT

Nikos Mylonas, PhD, Carmenta's Director of IT, is the engineer of Carmenta's expansion and continued operation. Dr. Mylonas manages all of our websites and, with his expertise in search-engine optimization, has fueled Carmenta's ever-growing presence on the Web. We owe our excellent (and constantly improving) search-engine rankings and superior website design to him.

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