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Getting Started

How do I get started?

If you would like to hire one of our Tutors, then please contact us by email, by the automated contact form on the Contact page, or by phone (212-203-8734). If we are unable to answer when you call, then please leave a detailed message, and we will call you back within 24 hours. You will speak over the phone with one of our expert Academic Advisors, who will answer your questions and fill you in on the details of hiring a Carmenta Latin Tutor. Then, if you are interested in moving forward, the Academic Advisor will set you up with a same-day or next-day phone consultation with our Founder. The Carmenta Latin Tutors Founder, Andrew Kuhry-Haeuser, will talk with you about your particular academic situation and goals and design an Individual Academic Plan (IAP) tha matches your needs. He will also advise you on which Carmenta Latin Tutor will work best for you, fulfilling your particular needs in regards to experience, individual expertise, and personality. All of our tutors are élite academics with considerable teaching talent, but we still want to make certain that we provide you with a tutor who is the perfect fit for you. We also recommend that you look through the faculty profiles on the Browse Tutors page in order to get a feel for your options. We at Carmenta Latin Tutors are devoted to your education and to doing everything we can to help you reach your academic goals.

The Founder and his team of Academic Advisors oversee each student’s progress, checking in frequently with tutors and students. We are devoted to every single Carmenta student and to assuring that each student achieves a high level of academic success. With Carmenta you are never "on your own"; you are supported by an expert team of tutors and administrators who are devoted to the Carmenta Mission of guiding every single student to an élite level of competence in the student’s chosen subject or subjects.

How do Carmenta Tutoring Sessions work?

All Carmenta Latin Tutoring is held through the Skype web conferencing platform. Upon first signing up, all Carmenta students must download Skype onto their computer and then add the Founder and their particular Carmenta Latin Tutor as contacts on Skype. Students will be supplied with the Skype name of the Founder and their Tutor prior to their first tutoring session so that they can add them to their list of Skype contacts. Once these contacts have been added, students then just need to be certain that they always have Skype open on their computers 5 minutes prior to the start time of each of their scheduled tutoring sessions. Their tutor will then call them at the scheduled start time, and to start the session, students just need to click on the "Answer" button. Skype provides the highest-quality audio and video web conferencing available, with a straightforward and simple interface. If students have access to a high-quality Internet connection, there are generally very few issues with call quality, and students very quickly forget that their live audio/video Skype tutoring sessions are on the Internet, the experience is so close to a traditional brick-and-mortar classroom.

What computer equipment and software will I need to buy?

Most students won't need to buy any computer equipment or software. Every student will need to download Skype onto his or her computer through Skype.com, but this download is absolutely free. Students also need to be sure that they have an Internet connection that is fast enough to support Skype calls (most are, although some slower DSL connections may have trouble), a computer that supports Skype (almost every single one does), and a good-quality microphone (either built into the computer or as part of a headset).

What is the age range of Carmenta students?

We have students of all ages, from 4 or 5 years old all the way to senior citizens. The common theme, though, is that all of our students, no matter their age or particular academic goals, are élite learners with an unusually keen interest in the quality of their education.

What are the qualifications of Andrew Kuhry-Haeuser (the Founder of Carmenta Latin Tutors) as a teacher, tutor, and school administrator?

Andrew Kuhry-Haeuser has worked for 15 years as a highly-effective teacher and tutor (both distance and in person) for students of Latin. For the past nine year he has served as the Founder of the Carmenta School and Carmenta Latin Tutors. In this position, Andrew has built curriculum based on his Carmenta Method for Latin Fluency with excellent results. Mr. Kuhry-Haeuser sees Carmenta Latin Tutors as an opportunity for students in all parts of the world to gain access to the highest-quality education in Latin.

Click here to learn more about our Founder and his work as an educator.

What is the Carmenta Method for Latin Fluency?

The Carmenta Method for Latin Fluency, developed over many years by Andrew Kuhry-Haeuser (the Founder of Carmenta Tutors) and growing out of Mr. Kuhry-Haeuser’s experiences as a Latin student and then fluent Latin speaker and Latin teacher and tutor, is the method that underlies all Carmenta Latin tutoring curriculum. The Carmenta Method for Latin Fluency abandons many of the conventions of Latin pedagogy that prevailed in the 20th century, instead favoring the far more effective Latin teaching strategies used for nearly 2000 years before our current era, which combined an in-depth study of Latin grammar and syntax with frequent Latin conversational practice. In other words, the key to true fluency in Latin lies in admitting that it is, in fact, not a dead language at all but instead a versatile and vibrant spoken language.

Why is the Conversational Latin portion of Carmenta Latin Tutoring so important? I’ve never had to speak Latin in my previous Latin classes.

Consistent conversational practice in the Latin language is a vital component of the Carmenta Method for Latin Fluency, a method developed by the Founder of Carmenta Latin Tutors, Andrew Kuhry-Haeuser, which grew out of his own experiences learning Latin as a high school student, college student, and adult. The Carmenta Method for Latin Fluency, which utilizes frequent conversational practice in Latin as a way to achieve true fluency in the language, has proven itself effective through years of application in Carmenta Latin Tutoring.

Click here to read about the origins of the Carmenta Method for Latin Fluency and why this method really works!


Why do Carmenta Latin Tutors’ rates vary so widely?

Though every single tutor working for Carmenta Latin Tutors is extremely competent and has met very high criteria for employment with us (they have all passed through an extremely competitive interview process), there are still some tutors who are more in demand, for a number of reasons (degree level, rareness of specialty, years teaching/tutoring experience, etc.) and we have created our accompanying rate structure to match that.

Does Carmenta Latin Tutors offer prepaid tutoring package discounts?

Yes. Carmenta Latin Tutors offers discounts for students who pay for a certain number of hours ahead of time.

Click here to Contact Us for information on Carmenta Prepaid Tutoring Package Discounts.

What happens if we need to cancel a scheduled tutoring session?

As long as you notify your Carmenta Latin Tutor of any cancellation 24 hours in advance, you will not be charged for the session. Still, we urge students to reschedule cancelled sessions immediately. One of the most important elements of a good education and a smooth and rewarding learning experience is consistency, and so it is important that students and tutors maintain a predictable meeting schedule. The ideal for most students is at least 2 sessions per week.

If we miss a tutoring session, are we charged for that session? Can we make the session up later in the week or within a certain time frame?

As long as you notify the tutor at least 24 hours in advance, you will not be charged for a missed session. You can (and in fact we urge you to) make the session up as soon as possible. A key feature of an effective and rewarding learning experience is consistency, and so we always advise you to do everything you can to adhere to the number of sessions per week that you and the Carmenta Academic Advisory Team have decided is optimal. It’s just too easy for students (especially if they are new to a subject) to forget or "unlearn" things when sessions are spaced too far apart.

What is the process for selecting my Carmenta Latin Tutor?

Because we believe in giving every single student the very best tutelage and in making sure that each student reaches his or her individual learning goals, we put a great deal of effort and care into setting you up with the tutor who will be right for you. Then we go out of our way to oversee and optimize your progress over time, giving you the help and expertise that is essential for long-term academic success.

Here is the process:

1) ) Initial Contact: The first step is to contact us—through email, our website contact form, or by telephone. You will communicate with one of our expert Academic Advisors, and as soon as we have a basic idea of your needs and goals, we'll schedule a phone interview for you with the Founder of Carmenta Latin Tutors so that you and he can discuss your academic situation and the best way to guide you toward success.

2) Orientation Meeting with Founder: You and our Founder, Andrew Kuhry-Haeuser, will speak over the phone or on Skype and discuss your or your child’s particular academic situation and goals. Mr. Kuhry-Haeuser will advise you on the best way to proceed, including the creation of a general curriculum, deciding on the ideal number of sessions per week and the length of those sessions, and the selection of the Carmenta tutor (or tutors) who is the best match for you and your academic needs (taking into account the particular expertise, experience, and personality of each tutor). Mr. Kuhry-Haeuser will take his time with you, ask you questions, and do his best to understand your particular situation and needs. Our Founder and his Academic Advisory Team will then create an Individual Academic Plan (IAP) based on what we have learned about your student in this meeting.

3) Pre-Session Meeting: You will briefly meet with one of our Academic Advisors and the chosen tutor together in a Skype conference call right before the student’s first tutoring session. This will be an opportunity for you and the Tutor to get to know each other and for everyone to make sure that they are on the same page. You will confirm the curriculum that you and the Tutor plan to follow and talk about your long-term goals and any special needs you may have. You and your Tutor will also confirm the schedule for your tutoring sessions. You will not be charged for this meeting or any of the previous meetings.

4) First Tutoring Session: Last, you’ll meet one-on-one with your tutor. Of course, like any good tutor, yours will adapt to changing circumstances, making the decisions moment-to-moment that will help you to succeed. The Founder and our Academic Advisors will also remain involved, checking in with you and the tutor periodically.

I am currently working from a specific textbook. Will I need to buy my Carmenta Latin Tutor a copy? Do I have to switch textbooks?

Yes, if we decide to use the textbook you’re currently using and your tutor doesn’t already have access to that textbook, then we will order the textbook for the tutor and the cost will be added to your bill. Still, we always do everything possible to keep your costs down, and we will always prefer a used copy over a new one.

What if we don’t like our tutor? Can we switch?

Yes. If you find that the tutor you have is not right for you (something that for us has happened only very rarely), then please notify the Carmenta Administration as soon as possible, and we will meet with you on Skype or over the phone and set you up with a new tutor. Our primary goal at Carmenta Latin Tutors is to give our students the tools they need to succeed at an élite level, and if anything at all is getting in the way of that success, then we want to know right away so that we can correct the problem.

How long is each tutoring session?

Tutoring sessions with Carmenta tutors can be any length, but we normally recommend sessions of 1 hour. Still, in many situations sessions of 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 1.5 hours, or 2 hours can also work well. Much depends on the particular goals and needs of the student, and no matter what, we will advise that your sessions be the length and frequency that seem to us most appropriate for your situation and best able to help you achieve your academic goals.

National Latin Exam

Do all Carmenta Latin Tutoring students take the National Latin Exam?

Yes. All Carmenta Latin Tutoring students are required to take the National Latin Exam in March each year. The National Latin Exam has a number of distinct levels, each student taking the level of the NLE appropriate for his or her level of competence in Latin.

Click here to learn about the different levels of the NLE and the process for taking the test.

What is the process for taking the National Latin Exam?

Each Carmenta Latin Tutoring student takes the National Latin Exam through the NLE website in March each year. As long as the student submits the test on time, he or she is able to take it whenever it is most convenient. A family member or friend of the student must be present when the student takes the test, though, to act as proctor. All rules for taking the NLE must be observed. Once students have taken the test, they submit the completed test on the NLE website directly to the American Classical League, the organization that runs and oversees the NLE. Tests are graded and individual student scores are delivered to Carmenta Latin Tutors, who will then contact students with their results.

The NLE is the world’s most popular Latin standardized test, measuring a student's general competence in the Latin language. It is an excellent way for Carmenta Latin Tutors to demonstrate the efficacy of its Latin Tutoring, and for individual students to measure their own progress in comparison to other Latin students in the US and around the world.

Click here to learn more about the various levels of the NLE and for more information on the process for taking the NLE.

Why is the National Latin Exam so important?

The National Latin Exam, taken by all Carmenta Latin Tutoring students in March each year, is the most widely recognized and popular Latin standardized test on earth. The National Latin Exam is an opportunity for Carmenta Latin students to compare their knowledge of and progress in Latin against other Latin students across the country and around the world.

Click here to learn more about the National Latin Exam and the process for taking the National Latin Exam through Carmenta.