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founder of carmenta online phd tutors
Andrew Kuhry-Haeuser
Founder of the Carmenta Online PhD Tutors
BA (Honors), Latin, Gonzaga University

Founder's Bio

Mr. Kuhry-Haeuser, an experienced teacher and administrator, is not only an expert in the Classics but has also studied at an advanced level in Math, Science, Philosophy, Visual Art, Modern and Ancient Literature, History, and Art History.

He is a fluent speaker of both Latin and Spanish who, through his personal language studies, has developed insights into language learning and general pedagogy that he has successfully applied to his own teaching and curriculum design over the past 15 years.

He is an expert SAT and standardized-test prepper who has developed his own SAT-Prep Instruction Method, grounded in the origins of English vocabulary in Latin and Ancient Greek as well as logical methods formed through his extensive study and teaching of language, math, and writing.

He is an avant-garde novelist, movie-maker, comedian, and cartoonist. He currently studies acting and directing with a private acting coach.

Mr. Kuhry-Haeuser has gone out of his way to acquire faculty who are experts in their field. For example, he has made it a point to hire fluent Latin speakers, underscoring Carmenta’s belief in the power of Latin Conversation for achieving advanced language competence. Carmenta Online PhD Tutors was created to serve the needs of the world’s most élite, ambitious, and successful students, as well as those who aspire to join the academic élite through unmatched PhD Tutoring in Latin, Ancient Greek, Math, Science, Modern Languages, and Standardized-Test Prep. Mr. Kuhry-Haeuser and his colleagues are devoted to their students' long-term education, working to give students the best instruction available anywhere, online or off.

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