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Tutoring Policies

founder with tutor amy v
Founder Andrew Kuhry-Haeuser with a Carmenta tutor at the 2014-15 Convention Awards Ceremony.


Sign-Up Form

Every new tutoring student is required to fill out our Sign-Up Form when he or she first signs up for tutoring with Carmenta Latin Tutors. This Sign-Up Form includes questions concerning student contact information, standardized-test scores, and the academic background of the student. The information we glean from this form helps us to make individual and general curriculum decisions, to keep in contact with students and their parents, and to keep track of general student trends. Carmenta keeps all information concerning students, collected through this form or elsewhere, strictly private. We will never share any student's personal information with any third parties for any purpose.

Carmenta Latin Tutoring students are required to fill out this Sign-Up form when they first hire a Carmenta Latin Tutor and then intermittently throughout their time working with that tutor, updating their information each time. The Sign-Up Form is emailed to each Carmenta Tutoring student after that student's first tutoring session. It is due back to the Administration within the following week.

The information we collect through our Sign-Up Form allows us to run Carmenta Latin Tutors more effectively. If you have any questions about the Carmenta Sign-Up form, please Contact Us.

Download Carmenta Student Sign-Up Form (.docx).

Download Carmenta Student Sign-Up Form (.rtf).


All Carmenta Latin Tutoring students must fill out a questionnaire twice a year. This questionnaire allows us to keep our student records updated. Questionnaires are due back two weeks after they are sent to the student.

Requirements of the Student

Carmenta Tutoring moves at a pace that allows all students to excel, and the amount of homework assigned is never unreasonable; still, it is important that students do allow sufficient time for work between sessions so that assignments are completed by the period on which they are due and turned in in a finished state. All assignments are handed in to the instructor via email.

Carmenta Latin Tutoring students may or may not take quizzes or tests, depending on the particular curriculum plan they have worked out with the Carmenta Academic Advisory Team and their Tutor.

Age of Students

Carmenta Latin Tutoring students are all ages, from 4 or 5 years old to senior citizens. Because each student's tutoring curriculum is created to meet the individual academic needs of that particular student, a Carmenta Tutor is a great choice for students from a wide range of backgrounds and with a variety of goals.

Skype Tutoring Classroom


If a student is unable to attend a particular tutoring meeting, then we ask that he or she please notify the instructor in advance. For a student to master the material, it is important that the student attend sessions and complete his or her homework consistently. Irregular attendance frequently means the difference between a rewarding and pleasant learning experience and a stressful and ineffective one. Of course, it's up to each individual student to gauge how much tutoring time is necessary in order for the student to excel, and for many students a certain number of missed classes won't be an issue.

Tutoring students who do not notify their tutor (by email or phone) of a cancellation more than 24 hours in advance will be charged for the missed session.

Length of Class Periods

The length of individual Carmenta Tutoring sessions is determined ahead of time by the student, tutor, and Founder. Sessions may be any length, though sessions of 30 mins., 45 mins., 1 hr., or 90 mins. are typical.

Entering the Internet Classroom

Carmenta’s live audio/video classroom is provided by Skype. Before participating in a tutoring session for the first time, students should go to Skype.com to download Skype on their computers. Once Skype is downloaded, it remains on each student's computer permanently. Before every session, students open Skype on their computers, link up with the instructor's Skype account, and wait for the instructor’s call, which marks the beginning of the session.

N.B.: Rarely a student may have trouble downloading Skype onto his or her computer. Download normally occurs within seconds, but every so often a person's computer may have difficulty. Please verify ahead of time that you won't have any problems downloading Skype.


The starting point for each Carmenta Tutoring student's curriculum is determined through consultation between the student, tutor, and Founder.



Like attendance, turning in homework assignments on time and complete is vital for each student’s success. In fact, work done between sessions is just as important, or sometimes even more important, than class work. A competent command of Latin is only achieved through written practice and oral repetition, and while the latter is normally reserved for the classroom, the former is completed primarily between class meetings. For these reasons, we feel that a student will never master the subject if the homework assignments are not taken seriously. Each homework assignment for any Carmenta tutoring session should take somewhere between one half hour and two hours depending on the length of the assignment and the preparedness and aptitude of the student.

The size of Carmenta Tutoring students' homework assignments depend on the curriculum plan worked out ahead of time between the student, tutor, and Founder.

Assignments and Grading

Decisions concerning assignments, tests, and grading for tutoring students are worked out on an individual basis through consultation between the student, tutor, and Founder. We are somewhat flexible regarding curriculum makeup, just as long as the curriculum decisions seem to be in the best interest of the student and to further his or her academic success.


Carmenta Latin Tutoring students may or may not be given grades, depending on the academic needs of the individual tutoring student. The system of grading for each particular Carmenta Latin Tutoring student is decided prior to commencement of tutoring through consultation between the student, tutor, and Founder.



To participate in Carmenta tutoring, students will need:

1) Appropriate subject texts.
2) Access to a computer with a broadband Internet connection.
3) A speaker and microphone or combination headset for the student’s computer.

Technical Requirements

Most computer platforms are acceptable for accessing the Skype classroom. Windows, Mac, and Linux all work well. A broadband Internet connection is highly recommended for a better experience.

Recording of Tutoring Sessions

All Carmenta Latin Tutors tutoring and the material in the format presented in those courses or tutoring sessions are the property of Andrew Kuhry-Haeuser and Carmenta Latin Tutors. Students working with a Carmenta Latin Tutor may not make recordings of sessions without our permission. If we do grant a student permission to record a tutoring session, the recording is only to be used by the individual student for personal educational purposes and is not to be copied or shared with others.


Academic Integrity

Tutoring students are expected to demonstrate academic honesty. Using unsanctioned references (books, Internet resources, grammars, dictionaries, etc.) during a test will only hinder your progress. Please adhere to all rules concerning test-taking and the independent completion of homework assignments. Your compliance will make a huge difference in what you finally get out of your tutoring sessions.

Classroom Conduct

We have worked very hard to create an enjoyable, productive, and civil tutoring environment. To this end we ask that all Carmenta tutoring students do their best to be polite toward the tutor. Harassment, sexual or otherwise, is never tolerated.

If any problems, disputes, or hostilities should arise, students should notify the Administration as soon as possible so that we can help settle them. Carmenta tutoring is meant to be fun and productive for all involved, and we’ll do everything we can to make that happen. We ask that students support and assist us in achieving that goal.

Privacy Statement

Any personal information concerning individual students will be kept strictly private. We will never share any student’s personal information with any third parties for any purpose.

Carmenta students may not disseminate any information about other Carmenta student. Any student, by hiring a Carmenta Latin tutor, automatically acknowledges that other students have a right to privacy and agrees to maintain the privacy of other Carmenta students.

Non-Discrimination Statement

It is the policy of Carmenta Latin Tutors never to discriminate against any person based on race, ethnicity, ancestry, national origin, color, sex, age, religion, sexual orientation, or disability.

Policy and Schedule Changes

We reserve the right to modify the policies outlined here if it seems appropriate. Be assured, though, that we will only do so if it seems to be in the best interests of the students. All changes will be posted on the web site.