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Carmenta SAT-Prep Method

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Carmenta Instructors tutor all major standardized tests, including the SAT, GRE, PSAT, ISEE, SSAT, National Latin Exam, National Greek Exam, SAT Latin Subject Test, and AP Latin Test.

Myths About the SAT

Most people don't realize that success on the SAT is more the result of training in logical thinking than rote knowledge.

The Founder of Carmenta Online PhD Tutors, Andrew Kuhry-Haeuser, a high scorer on the SAT and GRE, is the creator of the Carmenta SAT-Prep Method, which effectively uncovers the basic structure of the SAT and trains the student in the skills necessary to crack this hugely-important test. Mr. Kuhry-Haeuser's method sheds light on the real keys to decoding obscure English vocabulary and evaluating complex problems with relative ease, focusing on the origins of the English language in Latin and Ancient Greek and the perspective this provides in understanding how English words are put together.

The Carmenta Method de-emphasizes memorization, encouraging the student to view each word as a puzzle composed of a limited number of pieces though used in seemingly infinite combinations, with knowledge of a small number of simple rules taking the student far in understanding any number of unknown words. The same approach is applied to the Math section, as well as to strategies for taking the test in general—the instructor reveals a relatively small number of essential rules to the student and then trains the student in how to apply those rules in myriad and various circumstances.

The Key to the SAT

SAT high scorers are unusually good at something called "puzzle thinking", an advanced ability in analyzing and solving unique problems.

There are some people who are naturally much better at analyzing and solving the unique problems presented in the SAT, but natural talent is (in our opinion) only one piece of success, and in reality dedication and good planning are just as, or even more, important. And when it comes to the SAT (or any real learning for that matter) there are only two real keys.

Wanting to succeed and
Having the right teacher.

A student who has been able to meet these two requirements will always go far, while students with tremendous natural talent (despite all their advantages) very often go nowhere...

Your SAT Prep Tutoring Team

With the correct instruction, any student can become a better "puzzle thinker" and achieve a higher SAT score.

We take our SAT-Prep tutelage just as seriously as we take our individual-subject instruction, and as with all our subjects, Carmenta's SAT-Prep Tutors are all SAT experts. Students who sign up for full Carmenta SAT-Prep Tutoring have their instruction-time split between two instructors.

1) An SAT English Tutor with a degree in the Classics (usually a PhD) and so a true expert in the origins and composition of English vocabulary, and

2) An SAT Math Tutor with a degree in Math and so not only an expert in Algebra and Geometry but also, as a student and teacher of high-level math (in which complex non-linear puzzle-thinking is essential), someone who understands quite well the true nature of the SAT.

The student works with both instructors simultaneously, and since success in both parts of the SAT comes down to the same basic thought skills, improved understanding of and scores on the English sections lead directly to improvement on the Math sections, and vice versa.

Carmenta also offers tutoring for the English or Math sections individually, for students who only need help with one of the two SAT section types.

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