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Teacher/Tutor Employment

carmenta tutor todd c
Carmenta Latin, Ancient Greek, and Sanskrit Tutor Todd C., Ph.D.

Teach for Carmenta

Carmenta Latin Tutors, which offers live classes and tutoring in Latin through Skype, is currently accepting resumes. All tutoring is held through Skype, and tutors are able to work from home. We are currently offering only part-time employment, but there are excellent opportunities for expanded work hours (our busiest tutors work 20-40 hours per week) and advancement. Applicants must have (at the very least) two years teaching experience and a B.A. in Classics or a related field; but 5 or more years experience and a Master's or Ph.D. is preferred. No state certification is necessary. Carmenta students are exceptionally studious and eager to learn. It is a very positive learning environment for tutor and students alike.

If you are interested in applying, please email your resume to:

Assistant Head of School