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andrew kuhry-haeuser

Andrew Kuhry-Haeuser, B.A. (Honors)


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Andrew attended Gonzaga University between 1995 and 1999 as a member of the school’s prestigious Honors Program for gifted students. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Honors) in Latin and a minor in Visual Art.

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14 years

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SAT: Total 1400 (700 Verbal, 700 Math) (Last taken 1993)
GRE: Total 328 (169 Verbal, 159 Quantitative Reasoning) (Last taken 2012)

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All ages

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Andrew Kuhry-Haeuser, Founder of the Carmenta School, has been working as a classics educator and school administrator for more than half a decade. He has also worked for many years as a private tutor in a diverse range of subjects, including Calculus, Geometry, Algebra, Literature, Essay Writing, Remedial Reading, Chemistry, Biology, and Physics, for students at the college, secondary-school, and primary-school levels.

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In his many years working as a teacher, Magister Andrew has developed his own unique approach to educating students in the classical languages. Magister Andrew is above all a realist and a pragmatist. He has no time for theories of education that have more to do with wishful thinking than actual effectiveness—he believes in doing what works. Many years of experience and experimentation have led to the pedagogical strategies that underlie the curriculum of the Carmenta School—fusion of the best of 20th-century classical languages pedagogy (a heavy focus on grammar and syntax and developing an appreciation of the basic structure of the language) combined with a more intuitive approach (the intense pursuit of real fluency through consistent conversational practice and oral engagement). Magister Andrew founded the Carmenta School on the premise that every single one of our students should be provided with the best-quality instruction in the classical languages, giving the student the tools necessary to achieve a depth and breadth of education available to very few. The Mission of the Carmenta School is to provide the most ambitious students with the élite instruction (by America’s very best teachers and tutors of the classical languages) that will allow them to become the leaders and top academics of tomorrow.

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open quotation

Salvete, omnes!

Welcome, students and scholars, to the Carmenta Latin School! We are now in our seventh year of providing world-class instruction in Latin and Greek, with courses that match or exceed the quality and performance of Classics programs at top prep schools, and even most universities. We have hired only the most competent and qualified educators to teach our courses, the vast majority of them with Ph.D.’s in a Classics-related field, and every single one with a proven track record of teaching excellence. In fact, not only have we been able to assemble a faculty with a high degree of pedagogical competence, but these educators also carry with them impressive resumes of scholarship in the field of Classics. We have gone out of our way to find the best people and to construct the most effective and proven curriculum in order to create something unique—an Internet-based school that offers the same level of excellence in Classics education as the most prestigious schools in America. The Carmenta Latin School is the perfect choice for those who are looking for the best in classical languages learning, for themselves or their children, but may not have access to high-quality Latin and Greek instruction in their current academic environment.

We at the Carmenta Latin School work hard to achieve a very high level of student success, no matter what the student’s linguistic aptitude may be. Our primary goal is to give every student the tools to succeed, and unlike almost any other Classics program you’ll find, on or off the Internet, it is our stated goal to guide every single student to actual fluency in Latin or Greek, with a curriculum grounded in traditional methods of instruction in grammar and translation yet integrating conversation in the language as a vital component of the learning process.

Please take a close look at our web site. We have included detailed descriptions of course offerings, student testimonials, and the Carmenta Latin School Blog, with articles and video blog entries submitted by members of our faculty. Get to know us. We look forward to seeing you in class or matching you up with one of our highly-qualified Latin or Greek tutors. At the Carmenta Latin School we strive, year after year, to provide each and every student with the wisdom and scholarship of the Ancients by utilizing the very best technologies that modern education has to offer.

Bonam fortunam!

student testimonials icon Student Testimonials

open quotation

If you hope to master Latin, the methods employed by Carmenta Latin will get you there. The text used for Latin 1A-4A (Wheelock’s Latin) is excellent. It progresses with small bites and the exercises require cumulative knowledge, so there’s little chance of forgetting concepts, vocabulary, and forms introduced in the past. Magister Andrew’s teaching style is very organized, disciplined, and uncompromising. He’s a nurturing and patient perfectionist, drawing out sharp analytical skills from his students. In addition to developing reading comprehension and writing skills, Carmenta Latin puts a unique emphasis on verbal language production, thus forcing the language off the page. To my experience, verbal expression provides another sensory input, not only enriching my grasp of Latin but making learning this magnificent language fun. As a now retired home educator, Carmenta Latin would be my choice for providing Latin to my kids. I feel blessed for having discovered this excellent learning source and I highly recommend it to any potential student.

Pasadena, CA, USA

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I hope to learn more about the ancient peoples of Greece by studying their language and writings. Andrew is really great at helping me better understand English grammar while learning Greek! I love being able to have class at home on the computer three times a week. It’s so great to be able to attend class even if I am sort of sick! Andrew is so great about reminding me to keep returning to the book to find the answer rather than just giving me the answer. I am so pleased with his organized, logical methods of teaching!...

My favorite aspect of my tutoring is translating Menander!!!! I am starting to translate real pieces of ancient texts and this is so incredibly exciting! I feel connected to those people by being able to read exactly what they wrote.

7th Grade
Bozeman, MT, USA

open quotation

When I started both Latin and Greek courses with Andrew in spring of 2013, I was not sure what to expect. I had already been studying Latin in person with various other tutors for 6 years and only looked into Internet classes because my tutor was moving away. I honestly did not expect that classes done over such great distances could be as interesting or as fun as classes done in person, but Andrew’s classes have turned out to be the most educational and most engaging classes I have ever taken. Magister Andrew is very knowledgeable and he is very methodical in his teaching method. During class Andrew insures that all the elements covered by the curriculum are thoroughly explained and understood by the students so that homework can be completed well in a reasonable amount of time. My favorite part of class is Conversational Latin, where students are encouraged to converse in Latin about whatever subjects interest them. It is very fun when we students, who live all over the continent, are able to converse in a language we all share and learn with each other...

I would highly recommend Andrew’s classes to anyone wanting to learn Latin or Greek as a comprehensive and very enjoyable way of learning an incredibly useful subject.

11th Grade
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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My name is Charles Telfer and I have been a student of Andrew Kuhry-Haeuser for nearly two years at this point. I am an assistant professor of biblical languages and teach at a graduate level theological institution. I am finishing up a PhD that requires a large amount of reading in Latin. I have been very pleased with how the instructor has helped me grow in my confidence with the basic elements of Latin (morphology) and to develop a sense of how the grammar works (syntax)...

I very much appreciate the excellent pronunciation the instructor uses, and have profited from written as well as spoken conversations that we and other students have engaged in. We have used Latin to talk about a broad variety of topics, which has not only been stimulating linguistically but downright fun. I have also appreciated his private tutoring on advanced texts beyond the basic work in Wheelock, the leading textbook for Latin in the country. I would recommend Carmenta and Andrew Kuhry-Haeuser's instruction to students with a wide variety of learning goals and needs.

Charles K. Telfer, M.Div.
Assistant Professor of Biblical Languages
Westminster Seminary
California, USA

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Magister Kuhry-Haeuser has been outstanding for this semester’s Conversational Latin class. He has bought us to a higher tempo and pace that has allowed us to develop a unique comfort level in Conversational Latin. He has also allowed me to improve my Latin from a grammatical standpoint as well. Both of these are extremely valuable at this time and will be very valuable as I continue my studies in Latin and further my abilities with translations and construction.

11th Grade
Bristol, TN, USA

open quotation

I have been a student of Andrew’s for two years, and, while there are a plethora of other Latin programs and courses to take both digitally or by book (such as Rosetta Stone), I have continued to return to Carmenta because of Andrew’s (admittedly, unorthodox, but extremely effective) method of teaching Latin. Not only does he teach the rudiments of the language but then he applies those basics in a weekly conversation class. My knowledge of Latin, both grammatically and linguistically, has expanded and grown far beyond anything I ever thought possible in just two years due to this method of teaching...

There has never been a situation where any question I ask has ever gone unanswered or any concept has stayed permanently nebulous due to Andrew’s ability to break down even some of the more complicated concepts into easy-to-remember and understandable language. Yes, learning a new language can sometimes be difficult, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun along the way. I’m glad I took this journey with Andrew, and I have never once regretted my decision and you won’t either. So carpe diem! After all, scientia vis est. Valete!

12th Grade

open quotation

I need no urging to express my delight in my Latin-learning experience with Mr. Kuhry-Haeuser (Andrew) and the Carmenta Latin School. Having begun my pursuit of Latin with Classical Latin through a university using the more common distance approach, which equates to a glorified independent study program, I am very glad I switched to Medieval/Ecclesiastical Latin AND, in particular, to Carmenta’s digital format. My motives for learning Latin are several: to breach the historical-educational gap in my own education; to deepen my effectiveness with my students as a private instructor of English to international students in Hong Kong; and to prepare for homeschooling my two daughters using classical curriculum. My situation necessitates a teacher who has the breadth of knowledge and range of teaching ability to discuss the deeper, finer points of grammar and the philosophical-cultural underpinnings of the language, to elaborate on the interaction between Latin and English grammar and vocabulary with regard to Latin’s enormous effect on English, and to address the elementary process of learning Latin appropriate for young beginners. Andrew does all of the above exceptionally well, personably and with style and grace...

Beyond the above—What more could one want?—is the crucial encouragement and empowerment that come from the regular, live, face-to-face format Carmenta uses. I feel less alone in the endeavor to plumb this ancient language than if I were in a real classroom: Andrew feels to be in my home. In him one quickly senses an organic and lively love for languages in general and for Latin in particular. His delight overflows when he sees kindled in his students a desire for learning and an emerging grasp of the subject matter. Any adult seeking to learn Latin will find in the Carmenta Latin School the expertise and the encouragement required to master Latin, and any parents seeking to classically educate their children in Latin will breathe a sigh of relief.

Private Tutor, English as a Second Language
Hong Kong

open quotation

Andrew’s Latin Class is a magnificent method of learning the language that I’d recommend to anybody interested in Latin. The class flows at a very suitable pace. It was quick enough that I was constantly learning new content, and at the same time, it was slow enough that I could easily grasp all the material. Andrew is a great teacher; he focuses on the difficulties each student has and works carefully with them to help them understand the material completely...

Coming into this class, I knew absolutely nothing about Latin or its origins. Coming out, my brain is filled with the ripe knowledge I gained from taking Andrew’s class.

8th Grade
Louisville, KY, USA

open quotation

I am a businessman and lover of classical history and culture in general. I always wanted to learn an ancient language, specifically Latin but never found the right format for me. Initially, my interest came from both my Spanish and Italian background but also from my family genealogical research where many documents are in Latin. Later that interest became broader as I gained an appreciation for history and culture. I am busy and travel often but have access to technology and telecommunications. This allowed me to take the course regardless of where I was in the world. This course was right for me. It is challenging, yet flexible. I wanted a course that was thorough, used a well-respected text, and had a teacher that actually really knew the language and pronunciation. I love that Andrew treats Latin not as a dead language but as a living and newly thriving language. Did you notice all the TV shows and movies now using Latin more and more?...

Andrew was excellent and he has sparked my interest even further. I look forward to Latin 1B and beyond...!

Easton, PA, USA

open quotation

Carmenta Latin has immensely improved my knowledge of Latin. Not only have I learned new information, Magister Andrew has helped me solidify previous knowledge, and I've had a ton of fun doing it! The classes are both entertaining and challenging, Magister engages me at my skill level and presents me with new challenges. Because of the consistent exposure to Latin, I was able to attend a Latin Immersion Camp, which was a lot of fun! I would highly recommend Carmenta Latin classes to Latin students of any skill level. Not only will you receive an education, you can have fun listening to Magister sing about tamales and chile!

High School Student
Royal Oaks, CA, USA

open quotation

The Carmenta Latin course has been awesome! I've completed the Latin 1A coursework and I have to say that I can already see the results in my everyday life: I have a better grasp of the English language now and my vocabulary is broader. Andrew is a great instructor, very competent and helpful. And on top of that he has a great sense of humor! I think my favorite part of the course has been the vocabulary. Andrew makes learning the vocabulary fun and easy by showing us the connection between the words and their English derivatives. I would recommend this course to anyone who is interested in learning Latin.

University Student
Arizona, USA

open quotation

Carmenta Latin has been immensely helpful to me! I was skeptical of a Skype-based class when I started the semester, but it turned out to be a really flexible and effective way to study language. Andrew is super accommodating and a great instructor! I am a full-time student and a server, so the flexibility of the class was perfect for me. The class is fast-paced enough to keep you on course, but [also] doesn't move too quickly...and Andrew is extremely helpful and accessible. The course material is easy to get and user-friendly, classes are short and frequent enough to reinforce the information that you learn doing your homework. I am a senior at university and I took this class in preparation for studying medieval history at the graduate level, and I cannot imagine a better option for a student in my circumstances. I highly recommend Carmenta!

University Student
San Jose, CA, USA

open quotation

The curriculum and management of Carmenta Latin receives my highest praise. The Latin I semester has been my first course in languages and I could not have been more fortunate to have Andrew as my teacher. He has never failed to be an attentive teacher and a kind friend. I have also taken the Classical Literature course, and during our discussions Andrew was both thoughtful and original without fail. The homework for both courses was never overwhelming, but more than enough to challenge me. I look forward to taking Classical History/Literature again in the spring semester, as well as Latin 1B and Greek 1A.

10th Grade
Fredericksburg, Virginia, USA

open quotation

[Andrew] knows how to make a student feel secure...conversing in Latin and he does not let anything slide, nor [does he allow] a student to get used to bad habits. So I highly encourage any student seeking to learn Latin to join the Carmenta Latin School.

Bayside, NY, USA

open quotation

Avete, omnes. Nomen mihi est Andreas. Sed meum nomen Latinum Tacitus est. Diligo valde discere Latinam, nam semper possumus multa cum magnis scriptoribus discere Nunc facilius est mihi etiam discere alias linguas (e.g., lingua Franca, Italica, Hispanica, etc.). Etiam nunc facilius est mihi intelligere meam linguam maternam. Debeo dicere quoniam Andreas K-H est bonissimus et possum multos libros Latinos legere. Possum etiam linguam Latinam loqui. Credo quod lingua Latina non mortua est. Vale.

My name is André and I'm from Brazil. My education before Latin was a waste of time. Most Brazilians leave their children's education entirely to the teachers, and though I studied in a Catholic high-school which was supposed to be the best in town, the real fathers of western civilization were totally forgotten. No one mentioned Homer, Caesar, Tacitus, Seneca. When I was 17 I read "In Catilinam" and Homer's Iliad. This is when I found out there was something there. I tried to study on my own and I also tried to take a college degree in literature. But during Latin classes students were indolent, and I gave up the course and decided to hire a private tutor. But there was only one in town and he was 76 years old. Then I decided to hire a Skype tutor; this is when I met Andrew. I'm glad I met him and I strongly recommend his tutoring services.

Law Student
Fortaleza, Brazil

open quotation

I’ve been a Carmenta student for the past two semesters and have taken Latin I, Latin II, and Greek I. I’m looking forward to the new Classical Literature and History classes as well. I’ve been impressed with Andrew’s ability to relay fairly complex information to us in simple, clear, and understandable ways. When we’re working on translating sentences pertaining to a certain event in Roman history, Andrew delights us with his knowledge in that area and many others. He really tries to make class an entertaining part of our day even if that day’s class is completely focused on the rigors of memorizing noun declension and verb conjugation endings. I appreciate Andrew because he’s such a motivator. He brings out the best in all of us, as great teachers do. He’s probably one of the three favorite instructors I’ve ever had.

Hotel Hospitality
Colorado, USA

open quotation

Salve, mi amici. Nomen mihi est Louisa. Sum six years old, et vixi in Hong Kong all my life. Mea mater est Filipina femina. Meus Pater est Americanus vir. Habeo two sorores parvas, Christinam et Rosemariam. Sumus homeschooled. Andreus docuisti Patri Latinam. Andreus nunc docet mihi Latinam. Est fuit meus magister Latinae for three months. Fui discipula Latinae for 3 months. Andreus est magister bonus Latinae, et est funny. Est docuit mihi multam. Ego amo Latinam! Vale!

Hello, my friends! My name is Louisa. I am six years old, and I have lived in Hong Kong all my life. My mother is a Filipina. My father is an American. I have two younger sisters, Christina and Rosemary. We are homeschooled. Andrew taught Latin to my father; Andrew now teaches Latin to me. He has been my Latin teacher for three months; I have been a student of Latin for three months. Andrew is a good teacher of Latin, and he is funny. He has taught me much. I love Latin! Goodbye!

3rd Grade
Hong Kong

open quotation

Scott, Louisa's father, and a teacher himself, was good enough to write the following in-depth reflection on his experiences with the Carmenta Latin School:

My name is Scott Turner. I have been offering private tutorial to international students in Hong Kong for the past 15 years in the areas of English language and literature. I wrote a reference for Andrew and Carmenta several years ago when he was my instructor for ‘Later Latin’. Please read my testimonial on Carmenta’s Latin website as everything I wrote then I would write today with equal or greater fervor...

However, at this point, I very gladly further my testimonial to Andrew’s expertise in imbuing, in this case, younger children with a thorough grounding in Latin while instilling a relaxing confidence during the process and a love for the language. My daughter, Louisa, began lessons with Andrew nearly one year ago, just after she turned 6 years of age. This January she will have completed her first year...

Andrew has an unprecedented ability to see into a child’s mind and grasp the nature by which a child lays hold of concepts and patterns. He understands, indeed, he is gifted in, facilitating language acquisition. He is extremely patient and pleasant, which makes my daughter love the sessions. In addition, he can make the abstract become concrete and attainable for little minds. My job requires of me the same skills, only in teaching English, and I have learned much from watching Andrew bring Louisa along in a way that promotes motivation and yields real maturity of understanding in my daughter...

After one year, Louisa has mastered all four verb conjugations (including 3rd ‘io’) in the 6 tenses of the Present and Perfect systems, along with a number of irregular verbs. She has mastered the patterns of the first 3 noun declensions, including some irregular nouns, and a little of the 4th and 5th declensions. She has mastered first and second declension adjectives as well as i-stem 3rd declension nouns and 3rd declension adjectives of one, two and three termination endings. She has a good grasp of relative clauses and pronouns with or without visible antecedents. She has mastered present participles and present participle phrases. The concepts of number, gender and case of nouns both in Latin and English are second nature to her now, as are the concepts of number, person, tense and aspect for verbs. And much more...

By concentrating on grammatical mastery rather than large vocabulary acquisition at first Louisa has moved quickly and deeply into an understanding of Latin and English language structures and logic. My sense is that she has, albeit with limited vocabulary, taken on board almost half of the concepts presented in Wheelock by the end of her 6th year of age. She just turned 7 last week and is still going strong. Our hope is for her to begin Greek in September 2014, having already ‘under her belt’ a fairly sophisticated understanding of the grammatical concepts and structures necessary to do so. And, like Andrew, I believe children can easily keep the languages separate. Louisa’s first language is English, but she is quite fluent in Tagalog and Illocano without confusing or mixing the two...

We are a homeschooling family. For a variety of reasons we are committed to a classical approach, and we have determined that the priority for the first few years will be the mastery of language, with Latin and Greek at the core. It is a narrowing that goes against so much of the systemic educational thinking of today. But I work with primary aged students and secondary school students who not only do not understand language, and therefore suffer in both their use and appreciation of it, but who also lack the ability to think well—logically, critically, analytically. They are good at having opinions and taking positions, but they are like heads cut off from bodies. They are trapped in modernity and its mode of judging the past, and don’t realize that the ancients are (they live on!) way ahead of us in most things human...

It ought to be clear that I highly recommend Andrew for the classical languages and literature. But I will add a caveat: don’t expect magic. Children need the involvement of their parents, especially in an undertaking like Latin or Greek. You don’t have to master it necessarily, but to be closely involved and affirming and tracking with them is essential. For my part, it is the most fun of our schooling together, for Louisa feels like I am her classmate, and I feel the same toward her. And I think she senses that it won’t be long before she is going to move on the next ‘grade’, while Dad may have to be held back!

Private Tutor: English Language and Literature
Hong Kong

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My Conversation class was my favorite class this semester. I had often been frustrated with my Latin, that I could not talk to someone beyond a simple hello. This year I was finally able to learn how to ask what was happening, if they had pets, if they had siblings, et cetera. My teacher was Andrew, who has been my teacher for many years. He was helpful and patient with my often struggling Latin. Finally, I felt that he was able to tie the Grammar and Conversation class together so they could both influence and help each other. This was my best class in the few years I have been doing Latin!

8th Grade
Owings Mills, MD, USA

open quotation

I enjoyed working with Andrew in Latin conversation. He is a dedicated teacher and he strives to make Conversational Latin a priority. Therefore, it becomes more relevant and I believe that I learn it faster.

Milwaukee, WI, USA

open quotation

The Classical Literature class with Magister Kuhry-Haeuser was well-constructed and thoughtfully executed. He presented a reading list of complete stories ahead of time and discussed the material in depth during class time. The boys learned quite a bit about some important Classical works. We wanted the boys to be introduced to basic archetypes, metaphors, and story lines permeating Western Literature, which find their origins in Classical Literature. The material presented by Magister Kuhry-Haeuser introduced the boys to a few of these wonderful stories and left them excited to explore more.

Heber Springs, AR, USA

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Andrew [Kuhry-Haeuser] was a great teacher. He custom tailored his tutoring to my needs. Because of his help, I scored better on the SAT than I would have if I’d studied without guidance.

My favorite aspect of my tutoring was the focus on the math section on the SAT. My performance improved and I was confident while taking the test. I was familiar with the material and the actual test was like any other practice test.

My favorite aspect of Andrew’s tutoring was that he focused on the math section of the SAT and didn’t spend time covering material I didn’t need as much help in.

Pasadena, CA, USA

Daniela's total SAT score rose 250 points in the time she worked with Andrew.

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My name is Pablo de la Dolorosa. I am currently a Carmenta student. I wish to express great gratitude [for] this great opportunity of having Latin classes at Carmenta School, led by an outstanding teacher [Andrew Kuhry-Haeuser] whom I have had as a regular Latin teacher as well as my Conversational Latin teacher. He really drills into the student’s mind the Latin grammer so well that it remains in the student’s memory.

Pablo de La Dolorosa
Bayside, New York, USA

open quotation

Conversational Latin [with Magister Andrew] has been a great class. It’s certainly difficult, but it is great to learn from speaking and not just reading. It really helps cement the Latin language.

eDiscovery Project Manager
San Francisco, CA, USA

open quotation

Andrew absolutely excels at Conversational Latin. I’m so glad that this is incorporated into the curriculum. I really look forward to it.

Copy Editor/Writer
Milwaukee, WI, USA

open quotation

I enjoy the Conversational Latin class that Mr. Kuhry-Haeuser teaches. He is an excellent teacher who pushes his students to excellence. The lessons are always difficult, but Mr. Kuhry-Haeuser always finds a way to explain them in ways that make the lessons easier to understand.

Wasilla, AK, USA

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Pacific (North America)

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