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deborah n

Deborah N., Ph.D. (candidate ABD)
Marquette University

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Carmenta Tutor rates range from $75/hr. to $220/hr. If you are interested in hiring one of our tutors, please Email or call us at (212) 203-8734.

teaching subjects icon Tutoring/Teaching Subjects

  • Latin
  • Greek
  • French
  • German
  • English Grammar
  • Essay Writing
  • German Literature
  • Ancient Philosophy
  • Modern Philosophy
  • Music History

education icon Education

Deborah earned a B.A. in Music from Temple University then an M.A. in Philosophy from Georgetown. She is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Philosophy at Marquette University.

years worked as teacher icon Years Worked As Teacher/Tutor

25+ years

target students icon Target Students

7th Grade through Adult

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Deborah has taught for 25+ years (in philosophy, humanities, Latin, Greek, German, French & English) at various schools: Middle school and high school (Europe, Washington, DC); community college (Washington DC); and various colleges and universities (The George Washington University, Catholic University of America, the University of Minnesota system, and the University of Wisconsin system). She has also tutored privately for approximately 7 years (in German, French, Latin, and Greek) and developed a study program for young learners of foreign languages.

In addition to teaching and studying for her Ph.D. in the US, Deborah have lived, worked and studied in Germany (for approximately 10 years), and in Italy (for a short period of time) and traveled extensively throughout Europe. "When travel is undertaken in conjunction with study, it can be very valuable. It deepens a person’s knowledge of world history and world cultures, and gives an expanded awareness of the need for social tolerance and a general appreciation of the complexity of human experience. Because the extended period of stay in Europe was so enormously interesting and valuable to me, I encourage my students to include study abroad in their plans wherever possible."

As for language teaching, since much of her study was done in Europe, Deborah's methods tend to be conservative and traditional. She very much enjoys working with learners of all ages and takes pleasure in showing people that they can master a language and experience the personal satisfaction which comes from properly directed study. Her students generally make quick progress toward their goals and tell her they enjoy her courses. Many of her students have worked with her for 5 years or more.

time zone icon Time Zone

Central (North America)

contact method icon Preferred Method of Contact With Students

Via email or phone