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Derick A., Ph.D. (ABD)
UNC, Chapel Hill

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  • Latin
  • Greek
  • SAT Prep (English)
  • Biblical Hebrew
  • French
  • Writing

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Derick has taught in higher education for the last nine years, with stints as a lecturer at Saint Anselm College and as a teaching fellow at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. He has a B.A. in Classical Languages from Saint Anselm College in Manchester, NH; an M.A.R. (Master of Arts in Religion) from Yale Divinity School; and an M.A. and a Ph.D. (near completion) from UNC Chapel Hill in Latin and Greek Literature.

years worked as teacher icon Years Worked As Teacher/Tutor

12 years

years worked as teacher icon Standardized Tests Taken

SAT: Total 1400 (770 Verbal, 630 Math) (Last taken 1997)
GRE: 770 Verbal, 620 Quantitative Reasoning, 700 Analytical Reasoning (Last taken 2001)

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High School / College / Adult

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Derick's somewhat diverse set of interests and degrees has landed him in different departments over the years, including Religious Studies, Humanities, and Foreign Languages. Right now, in addition to teaching for the Carmenta Latin School, Derick conducts distance courses for Southern New Hampshire University and serves as a Humanities lecturer at Saint Anselm College in Manchester, NH. His work in ancient studies has provided ample opportunity for foreign travel. In 2005 he served as team supervisor on an archaeological expedition to Crete in search of a Roman road in the Northwest region of the island (they never found it, alas!); and he's chaperoned students and served as a mobile lecturer on art-historical tours to Rome, Florence, Sicily, and Britain.

Derick spends his free time reading mystery and spy novels, dabbling in fiction writing, or playing Scrabble, cribbage, and (in energetic moments) tennis. He loves international films and all things "old", and he can’t be satisfied with drinking less than two pots of coffee per day!

noteworthy accomplishments icon Noteworthy Accomplishments

  • Received several academic commendations. In college, he received the President’s Medal for Academic Achievement and the Classics Department Award at Commencement.
  • Graduated with the highest honors from the Yale University Divinity School with a Masters in Biblical Hebrew.
  • Was granted the Preston Epps Prize in Greek from UNC Chapel Hill.
  • His elementary school profiled him in a recent edition (Spring 2014) of their newsletter.
  • Derick is married with three daughters, ages six, three, and newborn.

student testimonials icon Student Testimonials

open quotation

Derick is an amazing instructor. His knowledge of Latin is incomparable to that of my previous instructors. I can think of no other school where I would have had such exposure to this level of Latin during my high school years. He is engaging and knowledgeable and I honestly really look forward to my class sessions with him each week.

10th Grade
Darien, CT, USA

open quotation

Derick is a capable teacher with the patience to slog through the densest Latin passage with students. In addition, his skills in researching obscure Latin topics are superior, so whenever we encounter a peculiar word or reference, he usually has a good understanding of how to take it. He is also very open to student comments and ideas, thus adapting student interests and ability to the curriculum.

Substitute Teacher
Scranton, PA, USA

open quotation

I have enjoyed reading and translating original works with Derick. He is so kind, flexible, informative, and has a sense of humor! I really like how he gives background on a passage so I understand it better before reading it. He is extremely knowledgeable, enthusiastic about the subject, and is more than willing to share his vast amount of Latin knowledge with me. He is also determined to give me the best education possible by explaining thoroughly a concept I don’t understand or perhaps have forgotten. Also, if neither of us understands what is meant by a phrase after translating it (let’s face it: those ancients have weird ways of expressing themselves!) he will make it his mission to find out what it means. My tutoring classes have been extremely beneficial for me in keeping up my Latin skills and learning about ancient authors and what they have written. I am grateful to Derick for introducing me to different authors and expanding my knowledge of Latin.

12th Grade
Royal Oaks, CA, USA

open quotation

[In his Upper-Division Latin class] Derick helped me learn a lot about the background of the texts and the author (Cicero) we translated, as well as helping with obscure words and idioms...

I enjoyed [Derick's Greek 2B class as well] because it helped me to learn more about Greek culture. I liked the teacher because he helped me learn a lot about several Greek authors and because he helped me learn some Greek idioms that would have been very confusing otherwise.

8th Grade
Tracy, CA, USA

founder's evaluation Founder's Evaluation

open quotation

A very solid and personable teacher. We have received excellent feedback about him. His strength is in teaching adults and older teenagers, or younger teenagers who are serious about their studies.

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Eastern (North America)

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Via phone