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Edward Townes

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Edward Townes has a Masters in Theoretical Physics from Imperial College London. Edward is also a graduate of Eton College, Britain's most prestigious and exclusive college preparatory school.

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Edward Townes initially went to university to study Mechanical Engineering, but upon realizing that his interests in engineering were much broader than simply the mechanical, he switched to Physics after the first year. As his degree progressed, he became more interested in the mathematical and abstract aspects of Physics and so decided to pursue a Master's in Theoretical Physics, which he ultimately received in 2010. At the time his ambition was to apply what he was learning to the world of entrepreneurship, and his course choices and thesis reflect that. Edward's thesis was on the use of nano-scale crystal structures in the creation of transistors that operate purely in the light domain, which is a critical aspect of the upcoming switch from the use of electrons to photons for computation.

While studying at university, Edward worked as a tutor to students of a variety of ages, from 11 years old to professionals in their mid-40s, mostly in mathematics and the sciences. Since graduation he has worked in finance and business-related fields. More recently he decided to return to university and study for his PhD in Physics, which will give him greater opportunity to pursue his passion for teaching.

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  • Sailing has been a big part of my life so far. I started to sail competitively when I was 10 years old, racing in a number of regattas each summer, ultimately qualifying for the USA team trials in my class. I won the Navigation Award for North East America when I was 15 and became a certified sailing instructor when I was 18. In addition to racing small boats, I also enjoy sailing yachts, and I have used them to explore much of the Caribbean and Mediterranean Seas.
  • I have travelled extensively, visiting over 40 countries on every continent except Antarctica, much of it away from the standard tourist sites and destinations.
  • I enjoy the outdoors and being in nature, despite spending most of my life in New York and London. Hiking, trekking, and climbing in mountainous areas is one of my favourite ways to relax and clear my mind, and I have been to almost every major mountain range in the world.
  • While pursuing my degree in Physics, I became interested in understanding how humans and society function. I have spent considerable time studying politics, economics, behavioural sciences, history, pre-history, religions, cultures, and a large range of related topics. Even today my interest in these subjects continues to grow, adding a spice and mystery to my intellectual life that physics by itself cannot.
  • I have considerable experience and education in economics, finance and accounting. I studied all three during school and university, spent a year in the venture capital industry, did a partial CFA, and studied capital markets extensively while creating pattern recognition algorithms for the purpose of founding a trading fund. I was also chief economist for my university's entrepreneurship club, regularly contributing articles on the topic to the student newspaper.
  • I also love running, yoga, meditation, and math puzzles.

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open quotation

Tutoring Carmenta’s students has been a rewarding and enjoyable experience for me. Carmenta’s students are highly motivated and hard-working, and as a result they bring a level of engagement and knowledge to the lessons which is very pleasing for the teacher. I have been impressed with every one of my students so far and I have high hopes for their long-term academic careers.

Tutoring through Skype is something I have done before. The video element allows the teacher and student to share graphs, equations, and other images with each other quickly and effectively. I receive the work they want to go over by email ahead of time and all my materials are readily available at my desk, making each lesson as productive, if not even more so, than an in-person lesson.

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Pacific (North America)