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Gerard P., Ph.D.
Columbia University

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Gerard has a B.A. in Greek and an M.A., M.Phil., and Ph.D. in Classics, all from Columbia University.

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27 years

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All ages

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Gerard earned all his degrees at Columbia University in the City of New York, where he also taught as a visiting assistant professor for two years after completing his Ph.D. He then moved to Atlanta where he was a tenure-track assistant professor of Classics at Georgia State University. He was denied tenure (on programmatic grounds) in 1996. He began teaching Latin on a part-time basis at Spelman College in Atlanta in 1998 and still does so. In 1999 he began teaching Latin for City Schools of Decatur at Decatur High School and continued in that position until 2010, when he was rehired at Georgia State in the position of Lecturer in Classics. He remained at Georgia State until spring of 2015 when the program in Latin and Classics was terminated by the Dean’s Office. He now teaches Latin part-time at Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School in Sandy Springs, Georgia, as well as at Spelman. He has also taught Greek and Latin classes as an adjunct at Emory and Oglethorpe Universities in Atlanta and has taught for five years in Morehouse College’s federal Trio Upward Bound program.

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  • Besides my many years of successful teaching, I have raised four children and published one book and a dozen articles on ancient literature and philosophy.

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It has been my experience with online teachers that most do the bare minimum required to get a paycheck. Dr. Gerard however puts maximum effort into his class. I don't know how he could do more. He is always prepared to discuss the assigned material, he drills on material that he thinks we are weak on, and he provides supplementary handouts to cover areas that he thinks Wheelock is lacking. He also digresses at times with interesting points and anecdotes about Roman history and culture. My progress at this point is such that I have read through Chapter 16 of Orberg's Familia Romana and I am about half-way through Maxey's Cornelia, but I'm still struggling with the Vulgate Bible.

Electricial Construction Project Mgr
Verona, IL, USA

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This is a great instructor who is well versed in Latin. He also is able to bring his knowledge to our level to help bring us up.

Roseville, CA, USA

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Magister Gerard is very knowledgeable of Latin language and history, which provides a lot of color to his classes. His technique of teaching really helps with the retaining of information, and he provides handouts that are extremely helpful for studying.

eDiscovery Project Manager
San Francisco, CA, USA

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Eastern (North America)

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Via email or phone