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john p

John P., B.A., Cert. Min.
University College London/Oxford University

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John graduated from University College London with a B.A Hons. in Classical Greek and Latin, with Comparative Philology. He also earned a Cert. Min. (HMCO) from Harris Manchester College at Oxford.

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37 years

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Age 10 through Adult

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I was fortunate enough to be born into a family that cherished languages, history, culture, books, classical music and education, with a good sense of humor.

At the age of 11 I attended a small private school in London that happily concentrated on a traditional - perhaps even "old-fashioned" - syllabus. This suited me just fine, as the emphasis was mostly on those subjects which I enjoyed best and which would remain my main interests from then on. These were chiefly: Latin, Greek, French and History, along with the necessary Math.

Meanwhile, at home in my spare time, I started to teach myself Scottish Gaelic, Welsh and Irish Gaelic, and to study the ancient and medieval Celtic cultures. This was stimulated also by my school history project for which I compiled my family tree, and I persuaded my long-suffering mom and granny to agree for us to spend our summer vacations chiefly in Scotland and Wales, from both of which many of our ancestors had originally sprung.

At 13 I sat for and passed the highly competitive entrance examination for the élite Westminster School, in the heart of historic Westminster, and the ancient and ornate Westminster Abbey was used by the school every day as our chapel.

At Westminster School, in the good old British tradition of early deep specialization, I was delighted, from the tender age of 15 onwards, to spend almost all my time studying ancient and medieval languages, culture and history, particularly Classical Latin and Greek, which suited me to a tee.

In my free time I continued to be engrossed in the study of my beloved Celtic languages, together with the culture, literature, music and traditions of Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

My teachers there included three highly-regarded giants of education: Theo Zinn, Denis Moylan and Charles Keeley. All three had a unique style and approach to Greek, Latin and History, and their enthusiasm was contagious!

From there, I went on to read Greek, Latin and Comparative Philology at University College London, where I gained an Upper Second degree, plus winning a prize for Comparative Philology.

Among other great scholars who taught me at UCL were the leading Homeric scholar Dr J. Hooker, the eminent Virgilian scholar Dr Nicholas Horsfall and the historian of early Britain, the late Dr John Morris.

Whilst still at UCL, I was also introduced to beginners' Sanskrit, Old Irish, Classical Armenian and Biblical Hebrew, as part of my introduction to Historical and Comparative Philology - all of which I loved. In my spare time I started learning Japanese, Lithuanian and Middle Welsh.

UCL also very kindly sponsored my attendance one summer at the summer school of the School of Celtic Studies (the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies), which was fascinating.

After leaving University, I immediately started tutoring, as I knew that this was what I wanted to do.

I have taught over the years an interesting and diverse array of students of all ages from many countries and backgrounds, and at different levels. These have included youngsters of 11 to 13 preparing Latin, French and even Greek for the competitive Common Entrance and Scholarship examinations for top independent schools in Britain. The amount of knowledge required for these examinations is still quite considerable for that age group.

I have taught many high school students Latin, Greek and French for the various levels of UK national exams GCSE (formerly O-levels) and A-levels (now subdivided into AS and A2), and they consistently achieved high grades.

I have taught Latin, Greek, French and other languages to many university level students, both undergraduate and graduate. These are people of all ages studying for Bachelors, Masters and PhDS at various top universities in UK and overseas.

I teach various languages to many professional adults who have a wish to learn them to satisfy their curiosity or as their hobby. This is also most enjoyable as they all have different approaches and backgrounds.

In addition to my extensive private coaching clientèle, I have been teaching with top tutorial colleges and agencies as well as some leading independent schools and older British universities.

I have been a Visiting Tutor at King's College London (part of London University), teaching Classical Attic Greek prose composition.

After moving to Scotland, I taught French at St Margaret's School in Edinburgh and then Latin for botanists at the Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh, among other institutions.

Currently I teach languages to many people around the world. These include people in the Middle East (Saudi Arabia, Dubai, etc.), the Far East (Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Taiwan, etc.), Africa, Australia and Europe, as well as in North and South America.

In my spare time, I continue to study the history and literature of the Celtic languages and their dialects, together with their music, traditions and history. I am particularly interested in the Scottish Gaelic, Irish Gaelic, Welsh and Cornish languages, literature, dialects, music and history.

I am also investigating some of the connections between Greek, Celtic and some of the Ancient Middle Eastern languages, cultures and traditions, among other topics.

noteworthy accomplishments icon Noteworthy Accomplishments

With many years of teaching experience at all levels, from complete beginners of all ages (which I very much enjoy) up to and including Masters and PhD students and in a variety of languages, I currently teach people in Europe, the Americas, West and East Asia, Australasia and Africa, chiefly on Skype.

I like to make language learning interesting and enjoyable as well as effective, and my students have consistently achieved a very high record of success at all levels.

I teach all age groups and my coaching is custom-made for the needs and interests of each individual student.

I have lived, taught and traveled in many different parts of the world, including the Far East.

I encourage and foster a deep interest and love for the culture, history, literature and traditions of each language in addition to teaching fully and clearly the structures of that language.

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Greenwich Mean Time (Britain)

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Via email or Skype