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lydia f

Lydia F., M.A.
University of Virginia

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  • Latin
  • Greek
  • SAT (English Sections)
  • ACT (English Sections)
  • GRE (English Sections)
  • PSAT (English Sections)
  • English Grammar
  • Essay Writing
  • Classical Literature
  • World History
  • Ancient History
  • American History
  • Classical History
  • Classical Civilization
  • Classical Mythology

education icon Education

Lydia received her B.A. with honors in Classics from Williams College in 2002 and her M. A. in Classics from the University of Virginia in 2004.

years worked as teacher icon Years Worked As Teacher/Tutor

10 years

years worked as teacher icon Standardized Tests Taken

SAT: Total 1530 (Last taken 1997)

years worked as teacher icon State Teaching Certifications

  • Massachusetts License for Latin and Classical Humanities, Grades 5-12
  • Connecticut License for Latin and Classical Humanities
  • Google Certified Educator Level 1

target students icon Target Students

Grade 6 through Adults

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Lydia received her B. A. with honors in Classics from Williams College in 2002 and her M. A. from the University of Virginia in 2004. She has taught Latin for ten years at public and private schools in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Her research interests include the use of technology in the classroom, Roman textiles, the Classical tradition, and Suetonius. She collaborated on a textbook on Julius Caesar and is currently the Editor of CANEPress.

noteworthy accomplishments icon Noteworthy Accomplishments

I studied at the American Academy in Rome, and received the Italy Summer Classics Educational Seminar; fully funded scholarship for program run by the State Department and U. S.Italy Fulbright Commission and the Classical Association of New England’s Cornelia Catlin Coulter Scholarship to do so. I’ve also co-written a textbook on the AP selections of Caesar and edited several other books. In knitting, I’ve knit three wedding ring shawls, and have sewn and authentic 1859 woman’s ensemble (wool dress, silk bonnet, hoopskirt, and all other underpinnings). I once appeared on Jeopardy!, coming in second.

student testimonials icon Student Testimonials

open quotation

One of my goals is to be able to read the Vulgate Bible. Completing 40 chapters of Wheelock, while not exactly making me proficient, will at least give me a fighting chance to struggle through it, and also many other ancient Latin tests.

Lydia provides links to supplementary material to help bridge the gap where Wheelock is short on specific details. She helps us to better understand the literary material by giving us historical background to put the Latin sentences into their proper context.

My favorite aspect of the class is translating the literary passages and the Sententiae Antiquae. This is the most difficult material, which makes it all the more rewarding when I get it right.

Electrical Contractor, Public Utilities
Verona, IL, USA

open quotation

This class [with Lydia] has been the frosting so to speak on my Latin knowledge. I have learned the final aspects of the grammar and will begin to move on to validly interpreting ancient Roman authors. I love the additional dimension this amazing instructor provides in our readings with stories and entertaining background information.

Roseville, CA, USA

open quotation

Lydia is a wonderful teacher. Her enthusiasm is incredibly refreshing and she is always happy to answer any questions I may have on the course material or about Latin in general. I have enjoyed learning more about Roman culture from her.

She has been especially helpful with the more nuanced aspects of the Latin language; this past semester I have greatly enjoyed learning the more elegant and artful methods for translating Latin.

Roman culture, especially the Roman sense of humor, has been fascinating to me. This applies to both of my Latin classes.

Lydia is a wonderful teacher. She has a love for the Latin language that is not only inspiring but also marvelous, and she always has interesting pieces of roman culture to share.

Park City, Utah, USA

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Central (North America)

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Via email