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maria luisa s

Maria Luisa S., Ph.D.
University of Calabria

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Maria Luisa has a Ph.D. in Literary Criticism (Rhetoric and Textual Interpretation) and a B.A. in Humanities (Classics) from the University of Calabria in Cosenza, Italy. She also has an M.A. in Teaching Latin Literature and an M.A. in Didactics of Greek Literature, both from Guglielmo Marconi University.

years worked as teacher icon Years Worked As Teacher/Tutor

13 years

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Teaching credentials in Italy for Italian, Latin, Greek, History and Humanties; partial recognition in Germany for Latin; and a temporary Credential from the State of California for Latin.

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All ages

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Maria Luisa studied Classics in the South of Italy at the University of Calabria, a small university with a very active classics department. She received myriad fellowships and grants to attend a variety of seminars and workshops related to the classics, teaching, and philology. While pursuing her PhD, she was a fellow for two years at the Thesaurus Linguae Latinae in Munich, an exciting and wonderful experience for any Latinist. Both before and after her PhD, Maria Luisa taught Classics (Latin and Greek language and literature) in a number of Italian middle and high schools. When she moved to California in 2013, she also started teaching Italian as a Second Language in an Italian immersion school in San Francisco, as well as continuing to teach Latin to private students. Maria Luisa has considerable experience teaching both ancient (Latin and Greek) and modern (Italian and German) languages, with numerous degrees and certifications for both.

noteworthy accomplishments icon Noteworthy Accomplishments

  • One of the most exciting experiences I have had is my fellowship at the Thesaurus Linguae Latinae, where I worked for two years in a room full of the words and memories of the greatest and most influential philologists of all time. I wrote more than ten entries for the TLL. Two of my favorites were Natalis and Naris. It's exciting to know that everyone from here on who researches these words will read my work. My name is in the same list of contributors as leading philologists like Fraenkel and Houseman, which I am definitely proud of.
  • I have written articles and reviews for a number of publications on Latin language and literature, in Italian, English, and German. Here are just a few:
    1. Competenze traduttive ed esercizi di traduzione dal greco, in "Zetesis" 2/2014.
    2. Ueberlegungen zur Verwendungen von Graezismen in Ovids Amores in "Gymnasium" 120, 2013, 439-460 (in German).
    3. Thesaurus linguae Latinae: lessico, non dizionario, in "Filologia classica e Moderna" 2012.
    4. Cato Agr. 170 tit. Salsura pernarum ofellae Puteolanae, in Hermes, 2012, 501-504 (in English).
    5. Una nuova proposta di lettura a Insc.christ. Diehl 590, in "Epigraphica", 72, 2010, pp. 443-444.
    6. L’autopsia come strumento retorico: vidi ego e le sententiae negli Amores di Ovidio, in L. Montefusco, cur., Papers of Rhetoric XI, 2012, pp. 63-74.
    7. Ovidio, fast. 2, 638: Allusione ironica a un motivo elegiaco? in "Hermes" 138.4, 2010, pp. 434-441.
    8. Il testo di Terenzio nelle citazioni di Nonio, in F. Bertini (cur.), "Prolegomena Noniana IV", Genova 2005, pp. 5-32.
  • I love teaching Latin and Greek. I was trained in more traditional pedagogical methods, but since 2009 I have been teaching both Latin and Greek using a combined translation and spoken approach, and I love it! A friend and colleague of mine recently commented on how she couldn't believe how interesting and fun I had made learning the grammar of these ancient languages.
  • I now also work as a translator, which I enjoy immensely, happily applying my decades of language training to modern and ancient texts!

my experience icon My Experience With Carmenta

open quotation

I have always thought of myself as a traditional teacher: I like the classroom setting, the interaction with students and the challenge of face-to-face conversation. When I started teaching through the Internet, I was slightly worried that I wouldn't be able to effectively apply traditional teaching methods to this new situation, but my worries were rapidly put to rest by the reality of the digital classroom. The Skype setting and tools allow students and teachers to act and interact as if they were sitting in a traditional classroom, with the added value of connecting with people from different places and cultures in a comfortable and stimulating setting. Using the Skype platform as blackboard and live video feed, we miss nothing provided by the more traditional teaching style but at the same time enjoy varieties of activity and connection that only teaching through the Internet can provide.

Beyond the benefits of the Skype teaching format, Carmenta also offers a highly successful program, with textbooks and teaching methods that allow us to achieve the highest academic results as we keep students both motivated and interested. One of the reasons to choose Carmenta is the constant and easy communication between students, teachers, parents, and school administration — it’s a big family with shared values.

It is wonderful for me to see Carmenta growing and to help it to expand its offerings.

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I have only just begun working on Latin conversation with Maria Luisa, but it has been a fantastic experience. As I speak Italian, which is of course her native tongue, we speak in Italian rather than in English when not conversing in Latin, so I have the wonderful experience of working on two languages simultaneously.

Santa Rosa, CA, USA

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I would highly recommend Maria Luisa as a tutor. She is obviously very knowledgeable and has a high level of expertise in Latin. She is also very good at working with teenagers. She remains flexible when you have a conflict and is always upbeat and positive in her teaching approach. I enjoy my sessions with her and believe she contributes greatly to my progress with the language.

Jackson Hole, WY, USA

founder's evaluation Founder's Evaluation

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She is a friendly yet exacting teacher who demands quality work from her students. She is as good a teacher as any other we have. She is a native Italian speaker but speaks English extremely well, with only a very light accent.

time zone icon Time Zone

Pacific (North America)

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Via email