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patricia s

Patricia S., Ph.D.
UC Berkeley

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Patricia has a Ph.D. in Classics and an M.A. in Greek from the University of California at Berkeley, with a B.A. in Classics from Smith College. She was awarded the Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor prize and the Mellon Fellowship in Humanistic Studies by U.C. Berkeley, and at Smith she received the Julie Harwood Caverno Prize in Greek and the Henry Lewis Foote Memorial Prize for coursework in Biblical Studies.

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15 years

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All ages

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Patricia has taught Latin, Greek, and Philosophy at U.C. Berkeley, Stanford, and Georgetown. Her courses in Philosophy include "Becoming Like God: An Introduction to Greek Ethical Philosophy", "Socrates and His Legacy", and "Death and the Afterlife in Classical Antiquity". In addition, she has extensive experience in Latin and Greek pedagogy, having taught translation courses on Plato’s Symposium, Lucretius’ De Rerum Natura, and the works of Homer. Patricia is currently teaching Greek, History, and Western Civilization at St. John’s Orthodox Academy in San Francisco, CA.

Patricia’s research interests include ancient philosophy (particularly metaphysics and ethics), Greek and Latin philosophical literature, and historical linguistics. Her writings include "The Concept of the Divine in Plato", "Plato’s Moving Cause of Motion: An Interpretation of the Demiurge of the Timaeus and Statesman", "The Platonic View of Human Personhood", and "Heroes on an Indo-European Beach? Reflections on Studies by David A. Krooks and Alain Renoir."

Patricia embodies the ideal of a Carmenta Tutor, an accomplished scholar but at the same time a highly-effective teacher of the Latin and Greek languages.

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  • Patricia is currently working on a book on Platonic theology related to her PhD dissertation.
  • She has taught classics and humanities at Stanford and Georgetown Universities.
  • Currently she teaches at St. John's Academy in San Francisco and also directs the church school at St. Nicholas Orthodox Church in San Anselmo, CA.

my experience icon My Experience With Carmenta

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Previous to my work with Carmenta, I had always taught in a traditional classroom setting - Latin and Greek, classics and philosophy at the college level for many years, and Greek at the high school level for going on three years. Initially I was skeptical about whether Skype teaching could be as effective, especially in the case of languages. My teaching style is interactive and discussion-based, and I wondered if that might be inhibited by not seeing the students face-to-face. Teaching by Skype, however, proved to be entirely conducive to discussion - nothing was lost from the classroom experience - while also allowing for written messages to be passed back and forth quickly. My Carmenta students are now making faster progress than those in my classrooms. Further, I have been pleased with the quality and high standards of the program offered by Carmenta and impressed by the students who have signed up for it. All those I have taught have been motivated, conscientious about keeping their appointments and preparing for class, curious about the mechanics of language and about ancient culture, and willing to work hard. Meeting my students on Skype is always a bright point in my day. I look forward to continuing my teaching for Carmenta and helping the program to expand its offerings in the coming years.

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Patricia is an amazing and meticulous teacher. In her classes I have learned some very complex verb forms and never have I had any trouble understanding any of it! Patricia is very methodical and careful in her explanations of each chapter and is very meticulous in her correction of any homework errors I may have made. She always explains both why a form is used grammatically and colloquially. I have really learned a lot from her and am very happy with my Greek Class!

11th Grade
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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I have been taking Greek 1A with Patricia, and I love using the Greek: An Intensive Course textbook. It is a book that definitely does not leave anything ambigous, and answers most questions I have before I ask them. For those moments of pure curiosity about the language, Patricia has been more than willing to research and answer my questions. She has been a fantastic guide, and I hope to have her in future classes.

Firmware Quality Engineer
Vancouver, WA, USA

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Patricia is able to help each student make progress, even when we are learning at different rates. She also supplements the textbook material with excellent instruction and information.

Calistoga, CA, USA

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Patricia is doing an excellent job teaching my Latin 1A class. She thoroughly explains the paradigms and makes us read them along with the vocabulary and sentences, providing instant correction as we go through the chapter. She also drills us on material from previous chapters, which is helpful for retention.

Electrical Contractor, Public Utilities
Verona, IL, USA

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This class is helping me to achieve my educational goals by preparing me for further post-undergraduate education. After studying the Liberal Arts during my undergraduate program, I realized that lifelong academic learning was going to be an important part of my life. I decided to study Greek and Latin because they add to one’s understanding of so many other areas of knowledge...

Patricia is an ideal instructor. She is extremely knowledgeable, generous, and personable. She has offered to spend her personal time outside of class to answer my questions on multiple occasions.

Banking Analyst
Detroit, MI, USA

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I enjoyed this class because it helped me to learn more about Greek culture and philosophy. I liked the teacher [Patricia] because she encouraged in-class translation, not just reciting homework, and because she helped me learn some Greek idioms that would have been very confusing otherwise.

8th Grade
Tracy, CA, USA

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This past semester, my primary Latin instructor was Patricia. I had not been taught by her previously, and I was quite pleasantly surprised. Patricia has a fantastic knowledge of not only the Latin language (which goes without saying), but also Roman culture and especially literature. I have enjoyed this semester and have made great academic progress, thanks to an outstanding instructor.

10th Grade
Greenville, DE USA

founder's evaluation Founder's Evaluation

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She is steady, friendly, and calm, and also a very solid tutor who makes certain her students come away with a detailed and thorough knowledge of the subject.

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Pacific (North America)

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Via email