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phillip c

Phillip C., B.A.
Ohio University

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teaching subjects icon Tutoring/Teaching Subjects

  • Latin
  • Latin Conversation
  • Ancient Greek
  • Koine/New Testament Greek
  • SAT (English Sections)
  • ACT (English Sections)
  • English Grammar
  • Essay Writing
  • Classical Literature
  • Ancient History
  • Classical History
  • Classical Civilization
  • World Mythology
  • Classical Mythology
  • Ancient Philosophy
  • Logic

education icon Education

Phillip has a B.A. in Classics and World Religions with minors in Ancient Greek, Latin, and Philosophy from Ohio University, specializing in Early Christian Church history up to 350 AD.

years worked as teacher icon Years Worked As Teacher/Tutor

5 years

years worked as teacher icon State Teaching Certifications

  • Certificate to teach Latin in State of Ohio
  • Currently in second year of the Resident Educator Program (RESA)

target students icon Target Students

All ages

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Hello! My name is Phillip. I began taking Greek and Latin in college at Ohio University where I majored in Classics and World Religions. I always wanted to be able to read the ancient authors in their authentic language, which is why I chose to take Greek and Latin. It was hard work, but it was well worth the effort. I taught Introduction to Logic for 1 year in the Philosophy department at Ohio University. After that I taught Latin as well as Classical Mythology in the Classics department again at Ohio University. I found my love, however, in teaching high school. I have been teaching high school for three years now and am currently teaching at Northwestern Jr/Sr High School in Springfield, OH. I am continuing my education by learning to speak Latin. I am not fluent, but I do have a high degree of communicative skills in that area. My love in life is teaching. It is my bliss and my passion, and my goal is to share that passion with as many students as possible.

When I am not teaching in the classroom, I teach ice skating lessons to both hockey and figure skaters. I have been skating for more than 20 years and coaching ice skating for more than 15 years.

student testimonials icon Student Testimonials

open quotation

This class is helping me reach my educational goals by teaching me new vocabulary through Latin roots. I like that my instructor [Phillip] makes every class very relaxed. My instructor has helped me learn the language by guiding me through difficult material. He also talks about some of the aspects of Roman culture. My favorite aspect of the class is when we practice what we have learned by playing Kahoot.

Rockville, Maryland, USA

open quotation

This class is helping me achieve my dream of going to the best college I can get into. Phillip has been an amazing teacher, especially given the fact this is an online class. Even though he isn’t physically there with us, he still makes Latin fun and interesting to learn. His humor and ability to connect with us make this class much easier than it would be without him. Phillip has been helpful in teaching me every aspect we’ve learned in Latin thus far. My favorite part of class is the fact I can take it from the comfort of my home. The relaxed nature of the class is also very nice.

Scandia, Minnesota, USA

open quotation

My teacher Phillip has been an extremely good teacher. His method of teaching is easy to understand and fun. Even with me working with an older book he is able to manage. He is definitely a good teacher.

Centreville, VA, USA

open quotation

Phillip is a great teacher. I learn a lot in his class. We are always able to write down the solutions for our homework.

Moscow, ID, USA

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Phillip is conscientious. He works hard to ensure that his students understand everything about the material they are studying. He makes jokes about a lot of stuff, which helps you learn Latin. His class is not boring. I really enjoy his class.

Rose Bud, AR USA

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Eastern (North America)

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Via email