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susi f

Susi F., Ph.D.
La Sorbonne

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Carmenta Tutor rates range from $75/hr. to $220/hr. If you are interested in hiring one of our tutors, please Email or call us at (212) 203-8734.

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  • Latin
  • Greek
  • Italian
  • Philosophy
  • History of Religion
  • History of Science
  • Greek and Roman History

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Susi has a Ph.D. in Philosophy from the Sorbonne in Paris, an M.A. in Human Rights and Political Science from the University of Bologna, and a Bachelor in Philosophy from La Sapienza University in Rome.

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15 years

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All ages

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Susi has held professorships at Sapienza University and the Florence University of the Arts. Currently, she teaches at the University of San Francisco, California State University: East Bay, and Saybrook University. She has taught an impressive range of courses, in language, philosophy, and history. Her pedagogical résumé includes Latin, Greek, Phenomenology, Moral Philosophy, Bioethics, Philosophy of Rights, Philosophy and Science, and History of Christianity.

noteworthy accomplishments icon Noteworthy Accomplishments

Susi, an expert in ancient philosophy, has extensive publishing credits. She has authored several books:

  • Il progetto etico e l'idea di scienza in Husserl (Padova, 2010, Libreria Universitaria)
  • Phenomenology of Intersubjectivity and Values in Edmund Husserl (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2014)
  • Practical Intentionality (Bloomsbury, forthcoming)

Her articles include:

  • "Values, Normativity and Facts"
  • "Husserl's Phenomenology of Validity"
  • "Practical Intentionality: A balance between Practical and Theoretical Acts"
  • "Transcendental and Spiritual Consciousness in Husserl"

Susi has also published several non-academic books of poetry and fables.

my experience icon My Experience With Carmenta

open quotation

Greek and Latin are the highest expression of our culture. I have learned from Carmenta that there’s no right age to begin addressing our cultural roots. So "sapere aude!" I studied Latin and Greek in Italy and I thought it would be impossible to have so many young kids actually speaking fluent Latin and Greek. I was used to the European system of teaching Greek and Latin, which emphasized translation more than actual speaking. But Carmenta has developed a unique method that makes Latin and Greek exciting and alive. First, the synchronous Skype lesson is a great way of establishing real contact with students around the world. Second, Carmenta's one-on-one tutoring is an opportunity for students to utilize their teacher to maximum effect. Third, you can have Carmenta tutoring wherever you are! This means that you can study difficult topics without wasting time and energy commuting to and from a brick-and-mortar school. Instead of going to the school, you can actually bring Carmenta with you wherever you go!

I’ve been teaching ancient philosophy for 5 years at both the graduate and undergraduate level. I’d have to describe my style of teaching as Socratic. Like the gadfly I love ‘annoying’ my students with question after question. I want to know them, understand what they think and who they really are. At first I was skeptical about Skype instruction because I thought it would be impossible to connect with my students to the same degree that I do in my brick-and-mortar classes. But I was wrong! After just a short time I came to see that my work with them isn't at all different from what I do in my in-person classes. In fact, everything I do in person I can quite easily do through the Internet. Students read before the lesson, and at the beginning of the lesson we all discuss the homework reading. Sometimes I invite a guest, usually a colleague of mine, to add a new viewpoint to the conversation. Near the end of our discussion together I switch gears, and I begin to lecture in a more didactic way, checking with the students to see if the lesson was clear. This is all easily done in the digital classroom, and with the ease and convenience of the Internet, even more easily done!

In fact, the main difference between Carmenta and an on-site school isn't in the feel of the classes themselves but in the greater amount of freedom I now have. I’m free to design the class I prefer, follow my passion, treat the topics or subjects that other schools prefer to avoid. The most valuable thing that Carmenta can add to the academic community is the freedom to ‘live’ culture within a world-wide community. It is amazing to me that it is so easy to meet and talk with people who live so far away from me and have an educational background so different yet somehow often very similar to mine. With Carmenta I can be alive and in contact with people living anywhere in the world. Teaching with Carmenta is truly a great experience!

I’d definitely enroll in Carmenta if I had the time. Instead of spending hours and days of my life in useless pursuits like television or video games, it makes far more sense to take a Greek or Latin class. Carmenta is a fluid (á la Bauman) and versatile service in which everyone can fulfill his or her own needs and ambitions. Andrew, Katerina, the tutors, and all the staff are so nice and interesting that once you meet them, you don’t want to leave them! And every lesson at Carmenta is a new adventure tailored to each student’s needs!

student testimonials icon Student Testimonials

open quotation

My Greek teacher, Susi, has been lovely to work with. She is a really knowledgeable teacher and very excited about the subject. After each class I feel I have come away with a greater understanding of not only what we have studied that day in class, but also of the culture behind the language, as often we discuss the roots of the words and the way in which they are constructed. I am really thrilled that I got a chance to work with her and learn from her this semester!

11th Grade
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

open quotation

I really enjoyed Susi’s work and her dedication to sharing knowledge that she is clearly passionate about. She is a first class teacher....Susi’s invitation to guest participants was also very much appreciated on my part. To sum up, I think that both Susi and this course are excellent and can only get better...

The Philippines

open quotation

Susi has probably been the most involved of my teachers this past semester. I have taken Greek I before elsewhere, but unfortunately, my learning experience was less than sufficient to move on to the next level. She has been wonderful in working at a pace that suits my situation, and has greatly improved my knowledge not only of the Greek language but also of the culture, philosophy, and etymology. Through her teaching, my love of Greek has grown from being unrequited to mutual.

She is well versed in Greek, Latin, and Italian. This year I am taking all three of those languages, and I have found it especially helpful to compare the three in order to distinguish between them more easily.

My favorite aspect of Greek is the etymology. Although, I also enjoy the translations and memorizations.

Susi loves Greek with a vibrancy that I cannot help but mirror. She has always found the best way to explain the Greek language, and has made an amazing effort to ensure that I know the material. For this, I will always be grateful beyond words.

Park City, Utah, USA

open quotation

Susi is an incredibly knowledgeable teacher in Greek who is willing to bestow her knowledge upon her students. She is very patient when explaining areas of possible confusion and has been very helpful in teaching me about the philosophical nature of the Greek language.

Rockville, Maryland, USA

open quotation

This semester I am taking Greek 1A and this class is helping me build a strong foundation for my study of Greek. I love the insightful things that Susi points out during class, that I would not have otherwise noticed. She has helped me understand the basics of Greek very well. My favorite part of class is talking about the similarities the language has to Latin, and she has been especially helpful in pointing those out.

Jacksonville, FL, USA

open quotation

Ciao Susi!

I just finished my third Greek class since arriving at Wheaton. I'm in Greek 201 because I met the professor before classes started and impressed him so much that he allowed me to go straight to Greek 201 without taking the placement test. He has since complimented my pronunciation and knowledge of the conjugations and declensions. Thank you so much for being such a wonderful Greek teacher, and instilling me with the skills and knowledge to live out my love of the language well!

I do not believe I will ever be able to thank you enough.

Former Carmenta Student and Current Undergraduate at Wheaton College

founder's evaluation Founder's Evaluation

open quotation

A fun, enthusiastic, friendly, and engaging teacher who also demands that her students commit to the subject and work hard.

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Pacific (North America)

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Via email