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Our Online Aramaic Tutors are experts in this language family endemic to the Middle East, which is broken up into many different languages and dialects. Aramaic languages cover approximately 3 millennia of written history, spanning a wide geographical area including the Fertile Crescent and Eastern Arabia. Aramaic was the most common written language in the Bei-Assyrian, Neo-Babylonian, Archaemenid, Parthian, and Sasanian Empires. It is divided into two major subgroups: Eastern Aramaic and Western Aramaic. It is also famous for being the language spoken by Jesus as well as the language of the majority of the Talmud. Today, a number of Neo-Aramaic languages are spoken by small, scattered groups of Jews, Christians, and Mandaeans in Western Asia. Aramaic Tutors at Carmenta are well-versed in several major Aramaic dialects. Please take a moment to browse our Online Aramaic Tutor options.

Carmenta Tutor rates range from $75/hr. to $220/hr. If you are interested in hiring one of our tutors, please Email or call us at (212) 203-8734.

erik o

Erik O., M.A.
Humanities (Classics focus) -
U. of Chicago
Latin, Greek, Ancient Languages,
Native Amer. Languages, SAT

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