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Carmenta Online Chinese Tutors are advanced speakers of the language with considerable teaching experience. Each Chinese Tutor in our faculty has knowledge of a wide range of languages, which contributes to his or her effectiveness as an Online Chinese Tutor. Our tutors are highly familiar with the major dialect of Chinese, which is the standard form of the language. Every one of our Online Chinese Tutors has not only excellent competence in the language but also real skill as a language teacher. Please scroll down to see our Online Chinese Tutor options. Click the link below the picture of each Chinese Tutor to see a full profile, which includes educational experience, subjects tutored, and testimonials. Every Carmenta Chinese Tutor is eager to lead you to true fluency in the Chinese language.

lewis e

Lewis E., B.A.
Linguistics & Languages - Swarthmore
Latin, Greek, Mandarin,
Classical Chinese, Math

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