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Carmenta Online Mandarin Tutors have both degrees and considerable experience in the language, and in fact, each Carmenta Online Mandarin Tutor has an advanced competency. Our Online Mandarin Tutors are experts in this group of dialects spoken in most of southwest and northern China. Every Online Mandarin Tutor is highly familiar with the Beijing dialect, the basis for Standard Mandarin. Each Online Mandarin Tutor is not only an expert in the language but also an excellent tutor, and every Carmenta Mandarin Chinese Tutor has extensive experience in teaching a variety of languages. Please take a moment to look over our Online Mandarin Tutor options below. Also, please click the link under each Mandarin Tutor to see a full profile. Our Online Mandarin Tutors are eager to guide you toward real fluency in the language.

lewis e

Lewis E., B.A.
Linguistics & Languages - Swarthmore
Latin, Greek, Mandarin,
Classical Chinese, Math

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