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Carmenta Online Shoshone Tutors are expert in this Native American language. Shoshone (also written as "Shoshoni" and "Shoshoni-Gosiute") is a language spoken by the Shoshone people of North America. Our Online Shoshone Tutors have many years experience with this language spoken by the Shoshone, who currently live in parts of the US states of Idaho, Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming. There are currently only between a few hundred and a few thousand people who speak the Shoshone language fluently and about another 1,000 who know it to a lesser degree. The number of Shoshone language speakers is steadily dwindling, though there has been a recent push to revive it, a movement our Online Shoshone Tutors are a part of. Our Shoshone Tutors have a working knowledge of the language as well as expertise in a number of other Native American languages. Look below to browse Carmenta's Online Shoshone Tutor options.

Carmenta Tutor rates range from $75/hr. to $220/hr. If you are interested in hiring one of our tutors, please Email or call us at (212) 203-8734.

erik o

Erik O., M.A.
Humanities (Classics focus) -
U. of Chicago
Latin, Greek, Ancient Languages,
Native Amer. Languages, SAT

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