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Student Testimonials

Check out what our students have to say about Carmenta Latin Tutoring:

Student Testimonials

"They’ve allowed me to be more proficient with my studying of the Classics. My favorite aspect of the classes I took was the thorough yet succinct teaching. I’ve progressed with Carmenta very well."

Tampa, Florida, USA

"Carmenta Latin has enabled me to take a wonderful language my school does not have. They have astounded me with their level of professionalism, organization, and speed of response. I love that my education is my own duty with this course, but I still get all the help and ‘lecture’ I need in class. This is an amazing choice if you decide to learn Latin!"

Roseville, CA, USA

"I am a new student at Carmenta this semester and am currently enrolled in a tutorial for AP Latin. My current school does not offer Latin courses at this level so without Carmenta I could not have continued my studies. I am so thankful to have found this school and can only say my experience so far has exceeded all my expectations! My teacher is amazing and I feel I am making great strides in my pursuit of furthering my knowledge of Latin."

10th Grade
Darien, CT, USA

"Carmenta Latin has made me a passionate Latin enthusiast. Carmenta has helped me grow as a student and taught me that hard work pays off."

Homeschooler, 9th Grade
Lafayette Hill, PA, USA

"I need no urging to express my delight in my Latin-learning experience with Mr. Kuhry-Haeuser (Andrew) and Carmenta Latin. Having begun my pursuit of Latin with Classical Latin through a university using the more common distance approach, which equates to a glorified independent study program, I am very glad I switched to Medieval/Ecclesiastical Latin AND, in particular, to Carmenta’s digital format. My motives for learning Latin are several: to breach the historical-educational gap in my own education; to deepen my effectiveness with my students as a private instructor of English to international students in Hong Kong; and to prepare for homeschooling my two daughters using classical curriculum. My situation necessitates a teacher who has the breadth of knowledge and range of teaching ability to discuss the deeper, finer points of grammar and the philosophical-cultural underpinnings of the language, to elaborate on the interaction between Latin and English grammar and vocabulary with regard to Latin’s enormous effect on English, and to address the elementary process of learning Latin appropriate for young beginners. Andrew does all of the above exceptionally well, personably and with style and grace...

"Beyond the above—What more could one want?—is the crucial encouragement and empowerment that come from the regular, live, face-to-face format Carmenta uses. I feel less alone in the endeavor to plumb this ancient language than if I were in a real classroom: Andrew feels to be in my home. In him one quickly senses an organic and lively love for languages in general and for Latin in particular. His delight overflows when he sees kindled in his students a desire for learning and an emerging grasp of the subject matter. Any adult seeking to learn Latin will find in Carmenta Latin the expertise and the encouragement required to master Latin, and any parents seeking to classically educate their children in Latin will breathe a sigh of relief."

Private Tutor, English as a Second Language
Hong Kong

"Through Carmenta I have made tremendous strides toward becoming highly proficient in Latin. I receive customized, individual attention from instructors who are incredibly knowledgeable and engaging. I have attained a truly fantastic ease in reading in Latin!"

University Employee
Watertown, MA, USA

"I have been a student of Andrew [Kuhry-Haeuser]’s for two years, and, while there are a plethora of other Latin programs and courses to take both digitally or by book (such as Rosetta Stone) I have continued to return to Carmenta because of Andrew’s (admittedly unorthodox, but extremely effective) method of teaching Latin. Not only does he teach the rudiments of the language, but then he applies those basics in a weekly conversation class. My knowledge of Latin, both grammatically and linguistically, has expanded and grown far beyond anything I ever thought possible in just two years due to this method of teaching...

"There has never been a situation where any question I ask has ever gone unanswered or any concept has stayed permanently nebulous due to Andrew’s ability to break down even some of the more complicated concepts into easy-to-remember and understandable language. Yes, learning a new language can sometimes be difficult, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun along the way. I’m glad I took this journey with Andrew, and I have never once regretted my decision, and you won’t either. So carpe diem! After all, scientia vis est. Valete!"

12th Grade

"I want to thank God that he has given me the opportunity to have known a great and outstanding Latin teacher that was willing to bring back the almost forgotten Latin language, known as a dead language amongst those that ignore that it is more alive than ever. I had a wonderful time studying day after day, translation after translation, and I firmly believe that that is the only way in which a student can really have the opportunity to dive into the deep sea of learning Latin, and without taking that challenge, no one can ever be really exposed to all the grammatical constructions a student really needs to know, and that is why, I am very thankful for the work Magister Andrew has done as a teacher of the Latin language."

Bayside New York, USA

"I have a dream of going to grad school for classics one day. I was a Latin major in college before switching to Computer Science halfway through. I have missed the classics so much since then, and have desired to make it back as soon as I can. I believe I am getting top notch tutoring through Carmenta and I hope to have good news for being accepted to a grad program in a few years’ time when I am ready."

Computer Programmer
Vancouver, WA

"My name is Charles Telfer and I have been a student of Andrew Kuhry-Haeuser for nearly two years at this point. I am an assistant professor of biblical languages and teach at a graduate level theological institution. I am finishing up a Ph.D. that requires a large amount of reading in Latin. I have been very pleased with how the instructor has helped me grow in my confidence with the basic elements of Latin (morphology) and to develop a sense of how the grammar works (syntax)...

"I very much appreciate the excellent pronunciation the instructor uses, and have profited from written as well as spoken conversations that we and other students have engaged in. We have used Latin to talk about a broad variety of topics, which has not only been stimulating linguistically but downright fun. I have also appreciated his private tutoring on advanced texts beyond the basic work in Wheelock, the leading textbook for Latin in the country. I would recommend Carmenta and Andrew Kuhry-Haeuser's instruction to students with a wide variety of learning goals and needs."

Charles K. Telfer, M.Div.
Assistant Professor of Biblical Languages
Westminster Seminary
California, USA

hayley carmenta latin student

"Though I have been classified as a ‘gifted student’ much of my life, I have always struggled learning languages. After considerable, yet half-hearted, attempts at learning languages in which I had no particular interest but others told me would be useful, I concluded that, with my interest in the field of science, an education in Classical Latin would not only be useful, but also interesting. Carmenta has proved me correct. Be it due to its careful, patient teachers, or the comprehensive textbook combined with a well-thought-out curriculum, I’m glad I chose Carmenta!"

9th Grade
Reno, NV, USA

"I have improved on translating because of the amount of practice done every chapter. By the end of each chapter, I am confident on the material presented and introduced to more vocabulary, even though it is not mandatory for memorization. I am more comfortable with Latin since starting Carmenta."

9th Grade
St. Louis, MO, USA

"Andrew’s approach to teaching Latin has helped my son grasp the concepts and develop a systematic approach to learning the language. His process of constantly reviewing the material has had a positive impact on JD’s retention, which will allow him to establish a strong foundation in the language. Andrew is very patient with teenagers and relates very well to students of this age. My son really enjoys working with Andrew."

Jackson, WY, USA

"My two daughters (ages 10 and 11) have been taking Latin from Andrew for almost six months. The progress has been amazing. Both of them are now able to read and translate Latin from the passages in their textbook. I am planning to have them continue with Andrew during their middle and high school years with the goal of mastering the language."

Sales Engineer
Atlanta, GA, USA

"I am trying to prepare for the National Latin Exam. Carmenta Latin has provided a focused, guided study environment to help me achieve my goal. Andrew is a great instructor and has a thorough knowledge of the subject area."

Electrical Engineer
Pullman, WA, USA

"I am majoring in biblical archaeology, and I hope to attend Wheaton College in Illinois. Carmenta has helped me to achieve my language goals that I have deemed necessary to enter the field of archeology."

Park City, Utah, USA

louisa carmenta latin student

"Salve, mi amici. Nomen mihi est Louisa. Sum six years old, et vixi in Hong Kong all my life. Mea mater est Filipina femina. Meus Pater est Americanus vir. Habeo two sorores parvas, Christinam et Rosemariam. Sumus homeschooled. Andreus docuisti Patri Latinam. Andreus nunc docet mihi Latinam. Est fuit meus magister Latinae for three months. Fui discipula Latinae for 3 months. Andreus est magister bonus Latinae, et est funny. Est docuit mihi multam. Ego amo Latinam! Vale!"

"Hello, my friends! My name is Louisa. I am six years old, and I have lived in Hong Kong all my life. My mother is a Filipina. My father is an American. I have two younger sisters, Christina and Rosemary. We are homeschooled. Andrew taught Latin to my father; Andrew now teaches Latin to me. He has been my Latin teacher for three months; I have been a student of Latin for three months. Andrew is a good teacher of Latin, and he is funny. He has taught me much. I love Latin! Goodbye!"

3rd Grade
Hong Kong

Scott, a Carmenta parent, and a teacher himself, was good enough to write the following in-depth reflection on his experiences with Carmenta Latin Tutors:

scott with his kids

"My name is Scott Turner. I have been offering private tutorial to international students in Hong Kong for the past 15 years in the areas of English language and literature. I wrote a reference for Andrew and Carmenta several years ago when he was my instructor for ‘Later Latin’. Please read my testimonial on Carmenta Latin's website as everything I wrote then I would write today with equal or greater fervor...

"However, at this point, I very gladly further my testimonial to Andrew’s expertise in imbuing, in this case, younger children with a thorough grounding in Latin while instilling a relaxing confidence during the process and a love for the language. My daughter, Louisa, began lessons with Andrew nearly one year ago, just after she turned 6 years of age. This January she will have completed her first year...

"Andrew has an unprecedented ability to see into a child’s mind and grasp the nature by which a child lays hold of concepts and patterns. He understands, indeed, he is gifted in, facilitating language acquisition. He is extremely patient and pleasant, which makes my daughter love the sessions. In addition, he can make the abstract become concrete and attainable for little minds. My job requires of me the same skills, only in teaching English, and I have learned much from watching Andrew bring Louisa along in a way that promotes motivation and yields real maturity of understanding in my daughter...

"After one year, Louisa has mastered all four verb conjugations (including 3rd ‘io’) in the 6 tenses of the Present and Perfect systems, along with a number of irregular verbs. She has mastered the patterns of the first 3 noun declensions, including some irregular nouns, and a little of the 4th and 5th declensions. She has mastered first and second declension adjectives as well as i-stem 3rd declension nouns and 3rd declension adjectives of one, two and three termination endings. She has a good grasp of relative clauses and pronouns with or without visible antecedents. She has mastered present participles and present participle phrases. The concepts of number, gender and case of nouns both in Latin and English are second nature to her now, as are the concepts of number, person, tense and aspect for verbs. And much more...

"By concentrating on grammatical mastery rather than large vocabulary acquisition at first Louisa has moved quickly and deeply into an understanding of Latin and English language structures and logic. My sense is that she has, albeit with limited vocabulary, taken on board almost half of the concepts presented in Wheelock by the end of her 6th year of age. She just turned 7 last week and is still going strong. Our hope is for her to begin Greek in September 2014, having already ‘under her belt’ a fairly sophisticated understanding of the grammatical concepts and structures necessary to do so. And, like Andrew, I believe children can easily keep the languages separate. Louisa’s first language is English, but she is quite fluent in Tagalog and Illocano without confusing or mixing the two...

"We are a homeschooling family. For a variety of reasons we are committed to a classical approach, and we have determined that the priority for the first few years will be the mastery of language, with Latin at the core. It is a narrowing that goes against so much of the systemic educational thinking of today. But I work with primary aged students and secondary school students who not only do not understand language, and therefore suffer in both their use and appreciation of it, but who also lack the ability to think well—logically, critically, analytically. They are good at having opinions and taking positions, but they are like heads cut off from bodies. They are trapped in modernity and its mode of judging the past, and don’t realize that the ancients are (they live on!) way ahead of us in most things human...

young latin students

"It ought to be clear that I highly recommend Andrew for the classical languages and literature. But I will add a caveat: don’t expect magic. Children need the involvement of their parents, especially in an undertaking like Latin. You don’t have to master it necessarily, but to be closely involved and affirming and tracking with them is essential. For my part, it is the most fun of our schooling together, for Louisa feels like I am her classmate, and I feel the same toward her. And I think she senses that it won’t be long before she is going to move on the next ‘grade’, while Dad may have to be held back!"

Private Tutor: English Language and Literature
Hong Kong