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Tutor Sign-Up

hayley reading latin
Hayley, 14, Carmenta Latin Student.

Carmenta Long-Term Tutoring

Our long-term Skype tutoring runs $75-$220/hr., depending on the individual tutor's degree level, number of years experience and current university appointments.

Carmenta On-Call Tutoring

Carmenta provides a fully on-call Skype tutoring service for those in need of same-day or next-day tutoring. Carmenta administrators will give your student immediate over-the phone assistance and set him or her up with one of our top tutors (in any one of 116 subjects) at a time convenient for you. Carmenta On-Call Skype Tutoring runs $150-$320/hr., depending on the tutor's degree level, number of year's experience, and current university appointments.

Our Streamlined Tutor Hiring Process

Determining the correct Tutor and ideal Academic Plan for Your Student

tutor sign up steps

1 Initial Phone Consult

Every prospective client calling us for the first time speaks with an expert Academic Advisor. Client and Advisor discuss the student’s specific needs and goals and how Carmenta can help the student to reach those goals. With many years experience in Internet pedagogy, we are in a unique position to advise students on all aspects of the Skype tutoring experience, including curriculum, frequency of sessions, textbooks, homework, and the particular Carmenta tutor or tutors who will best meet the student’s academic needs.

2 Same or Next-Day Orientation Meeting with Founder

If the client is interested in moving forward, the Academic Advisor schedules a time for the client to speak over the phone with our Founder. Client and Founder together discuss the student's options and create an Individual Academic Plan (IAP), determining details of curriculum, goals and strategies, and the appropriate tutor or tutors for the student.

3 Pre-Session Meeting

The student, tutor, and a Carmenta Academic Advisor attend a Skype meeting right before the student's first session with a tutor. Client and tutor are introduced, and the student's Individual Academic Plan is discussed. Clients are not charged for this consultation, and there is no time limit.

4 First Tutoring Session

Immediately following this meeting, the student has the first one-on-one Skype tutoring session with the chosen tutor and proceeds with the coursework previously decided upon. Carmenta Academic Advisors remain available to advise students, parents, and tutor(s) and to adjust each student's IAP throughout the time that the student continues to work with the Carmenta Tutoring Team, modifying curriculum, subjects, tutors, and scheduling as needed.

Browse Our Tutors

Click the Search Tutors By Subject button at the top of the page to see all tutors available for your subject. Rate details for individual tutors are provided during a prospective client's initial phone consult.

Contact Us

Call us between 9 AM and 6 PM EST, M-F at 212-203-8734 to speak with one of our expert Academic Advisors. If we do not answer, then we are with another client or out of the office. Please leave a voicemail message and we will return your call shortly.

Every single client of Carmenta receives our undivided, expert attention, from his or her initial phone conversation with an expert Carmenta Academic Advisor, to the orientation consult with our Founder, to ongoing and effective élite instruction with one of our Tutors.

Answers to Your Most Important Questions

How can I be sure my student will stay on track?

Your Student's Individual Academic Plan.

We do the work for you!

Our team of Academic Advisors creates an Individual Academic Plan (IAP) for each student, providing you with the structure and expertise necessary for you to reach your goals; but we also give you the freedom to adjust that plan as needed, adapting to your evolving life schedule and academic needs.

Possible Goals of Individual Academic Plan

Every student's Carmenta Individual Academic Plan is unique, dependent on the specific needs of that student, but we commonly proceed in one or more of the following ways:

1 Tutoring

We boost the student's school class grades through individual-subject tutoring (Latin, Ancient Greek, Math, Science, Modern languages, etc.).

2 SAT Prep

We provide early and thorough preparation for all relevant standardized tests (SAT, AP, SAT Subject Tests, GRE, NLE, etc.).

3 College Admissions Counseling

We provide expert college admissions counseling and create an overall plan for optimizing the student's chances of acceptance into top universities (transcript optimization, college application essay writing, etc.).

How does payment for Carmenta's services work?

Clients pay either through our website or by check through our easy personalized payment system.

Personalized payment options for your student's Individual Academic Plan.

Clients are able to choose the total number of hours that they will prepay at any one time, with their hourly rate based on their particular choice of pay package (Pay-as-you-go, 5 hrs., 10 hrs., 15 hrs., 20 hrs., or 25 hrs.) as well as the fee level of their chosen tutor. Students are free to change their pay package once their last package payment has run out, either to a higher total-hour package with a larger per-hour discount or to a lower total-hour package with a smaller per-hour discount.

The student's per-hour rate also depends on the "Fee Level" of the selected tutor. There are 5 distinct Fee Levels. Each tutor's fee-level placement is based on a number of factors, including degree, years teaching/tutoring experience, reputation of the university where the tutor received his/her highest degree, and the reputation of the school where the tutor has his/her current teaching position. Fee Levels for individual Carmenta Tutors are not listed on the website but are communicated to clients during their Initial Phone Consult or at any time following this by our Academic Advisors.

Students have the option of paying for their chosen Tutoring Package either through our website or by check. An individual student's payment options and instructions on how to pay are detailed in the initial email from our Academic Advisory Team as well as in future periodic email payment alerts, which link the client quickly and easily through our payment process.